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Why is Iran’s carpet world famous?

The world of hand-woven carpets and hand-woven tapestries is an endless journey that takes us to the gate of a colorful world with conceptual sparkles and unique shapes. This carving, which is sitting on a hand-woven carpet board, originates from an inherent art and a rich culture, which was presented as a tangible image. Iranian hand-woven carpets are woven in different dimensions and sizes, which has increased the number of its fans all over the world.

During many studies, sociologists and archaeologists came to the conclusion that the continent of Asia is the primary focus of carpet and rug weaving. In many old texts and writings, the use of carpets and rugs by Iranians is mentioned, but the oldest works of hand-woven carpets and rugs go back to Turkestan and the Caucasus region, which are generally red, crimson, maroon, etc. It stands out in the hand-woven carpet of the Caucasus.

From the old texts, it was found that countries such as Spain, Turkmenistan, Caucasus, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, China, etc. have practiced the art of carpet weaving. With all this, this art is registered in the name of Iranians, and the Pazyrik carpet, which is the oldest carpet in the world, is an Iranian carpet. The Pazyryk carpet was discovered and introduced to the world in 1949 by archaeologists in the Siberian Altai region in the Pazyryk valley.

This carpet dates back to the 5th and 6th millennium, it is a relic of the Achaemenid period. Among other famous Iranian hand-woven carpets, we can mention the Baharestan carpet, which has a very beautiful and unique pattern. This same Baharestan carpet, which shows an endless collection of designs and colors of Iranian carpets, expresses a part of several reasons for the popularity of Iranian handwoven carpets.

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Special designs and colors, differences at the same time as similarities, valuable concepts, historical illustrated books, etc. are among the reasons for the popularity of Iranian carpets, but the beauty and various designs are what made this handwoven carpet popular. Iranian machine-made carpets also have many fans in the world, and every year a large number of carpets are exported from the cities of Isfahan, Yazd, Dilijan, Mashhad, etc. to all over the world.

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