About the Iranian carpet; Iranian Carpet Gallery is the result of twisting knots by the hands of Iranian artists from the West to the East, which is mixed with the fabric of art, and today we have proudly presented this ancient heritage to your eyes.

درباره فرش ایران خوزستان اهوازAbout Iranian Khuzestan Ahwaz carpets

Powerful hands and eyes that were worthy of art move on the permanent prints of this treasure, we have given you a gift. From the brightness of the sun’s flares to the red of the sunset, they carve pictures under and over this expanse.

گالری فرش ایران - بازار خرید و فروش فرش دستباف در خوزستان و اهوازIran Carpet Gallery – Handwoven carpet buying and selling market in Khuzestan and Ahvaz

The manifestation of authentic Iranian art, the mother of hand art, which is the lifeblood of our mysterious history, is all remembered in the knots of this painting. The God of beauty, who has blessed us with his boundless grace, has made us inheritors of this art today.

Farsh Iran Gallery is at your side with over two decades of experience.

The Iranian carpet brand in Khuzestan, after walking through the steps of this structure from weaving and research to the honor of being a student of great masters, and in the name of this lasting role, has lived with this art from row to row, and finally in the year 1394, it started to establish the brand. They made the independent carpet of Khuzestan Iran.

Our wealth is trusting the ancient heritage of Iran.

Iran Zamin carpet is a luxurious art of Iranian hands, which hides a secret in its texture, from the beautiful appearance with designs such as Shah Abbasi, Lakh Taranj, Tareh Dar, bush, tree, or even Islamic designs such as mihrabi, blue mosque, The dome of Qaboos and… to the motifs of Bete and Jakeh, Slimi, etc., which are mixed in every legendary role.

Carpets and rugs are decorated with art and tenderness so that every knot shows a sign of love for this image. Each curtain is drawn on a layer of the body of these thousands of characters to keep away from the prying eyes of the ill-wishers. They tell the true story and the painters to write about all the taste and art that is being chained.

We have put the patterns together one by one so that a lasting pattern emerges. A picture of a figure of a horse or a rotating dome, even a picture of a girl with a jar on her shoulder who narrates an authentic life. Life flows behind these roles, which gives your eyes a way to awareness and light.

A carpet guarantees the decoration of a house. A carpet that hides originality, beauty and art. A carpet as long as the history and beauty of the azure sky that draws the sky and the sea, chickens and chickens to your home.