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The price of the 3 meter handmade carpet Harris onion and Crimson design

54,790,000 تومان

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Handmade carpets are among the designs that cannot be found among other designs of handmade carpets. This luxurious work shows a heartwarming system of artistic geometry and authentic Iranian characters in a variety of colors that no viewer can blindly see in its beauty. The middle bergamot, the small and coarse bushes used in this design are among its characteristics.

The purchase price of handmade carpets is 1.5 meters. the role of the red black dome

32,600,000 تومان

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The handmade carpet of the dome design can be considered one of the original examples of Iranian carpets. The presence of narrow, bergamot edges larger than other similar designs is a distinction between this carpet and others. Many artists and designers consider the main design of this role to be taken from the Sheikh Rahmanullah mosque, which was performed in the form of a dome in the center of this carpet. From this original design, many sub-designs have been adapted, which differ significantly from each other in lichen, bergamot or Shiraz.The dome design was an example of the designs that were implemented during the flourishing period of Iranian carpet art and were inspired by countless designs. Many designs, which have a long history, today also have a huge following among ordinary people at home and abroad, as well as carpet collectors around the world. Many of these original designs are kept in museums abroad.

The purchase price of handmade carpets is 1.5 meters. red and cream.

18,600,000 تومان

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Handmade carpets are among the handmade carpets that have been implemented with an original design of Iranian roles. The novavet design consists of a main trange, which in some adaptive designs may be 3 numbers, along with a number of fine and narrow edges and margins. The project is attributed to the city of Tabriz, which has been inspired by many sub-projects and has been implemented elsewhere.We know that any artwork, including handmade carpets, has either been left behind in a historical way or in a modern way. The designs and roles of Khorasan today are more than 500 years old, although the previous designs were limited to authentic Iranian roles. After the arrival of Islam, these Iranian roles were mixed with Islamic designs, resulting in the implementation of certain styles and works of Iranian handmade carpets. Sajjad is one of these Iranian and Islamic fusion projects.

The purchase price of handmade carpets is 1.5 meters.

25,300,000 تومان

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Handmade carpets are one of the most famous and popular types of Iranian handmade carpets, whose design is considered to be born in Tabriz. This majestic, authentic Iranian carpet in its original design has a large bergamot in the middle or end of the carpet and a few lichens around. Bushes and flowers the tiny, coarse roles on the oil-blue background, along with this unparalleled ancient Persian role, the presence of a narrow margin and a narrow margin, complement our final plan. In this design, it creates a beautiful authenticity.

The purchase price of handmade carpets is 1.5 meters. red and gray.

22,600,000 تومان

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The handmade carpet was one of the most enduring examples of the original Iranian design and roles. Due to the popularity and beauty of the design, as well as the widespread foundation of the design, this work was born of sub-examples that may not be as popular as the original design, but have been popular among weavers and lovers of handmade carpets. The difference between these subplots is from the main role to the location of the main bergamot, the number of lichens, the bushes, the background color and ... It is. Of course, creamy, Spider, gold and Cedar colors are popular.

The purchase price of handmade carpets is 3 meters. the role of the brown cream

185,700,000 تومان

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Handmade carpet is one of the most famous designs and roles of Iranian handmade carpets. The design is full of the city's role, but the only design and role of the work does not affect its popularity, and the important thing in this universal acceptance is the presence of a variety of numbers in every size and dimension. The price increase based on the increase in density has provided an effect on each budget and number. The characteristics of this carpet are the presence of flowers, bushes and ... In the text is the main role.The number that the handmade carpet displays in the number is from 30 to 60 rows. This includes an acceptable density for export handmade carpets. As you know, the number of knots is 7 centimeters from a row of handmade carpet weaving( in some cases 6 centimeters).) Announces. The number of this handmade carpet is 60 ridges. This number means that there are 8 to 9 knots per centimeter.

The purchase price of handmade carpets is 3 meters. the role of the purple pink

195,000,000 تومان

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In the introduction of the handmade carpet, no sentence can be found to express the immeasurable beauty and authenticity of this work and the culture that lies in its fabric. Many take the name Khatib from the surname of the original designer and Weaver, and some attribute it to the presence of Khatib around the carpet. The great masters of Iranian carpet weaving have at least one work of the original or sub-design of the Khatib role in their curriculum, which is distinguished from the others by its small roles of flowers and flowers or its coloring.The past of the carpet of the Khatib role and the beginning of the implementation of this project dates back to the period of glory and peak of the Iranian handmade carpet, the Safavid era. Despite this long history, this exquisite work is very popular among authentic Iranian designs. The place of handmade carpet weaving is the Khatib design of Tabriz, and the weaving of this city has long been known for quality. On the other hand, the high variety of carpets was possible only with the foundation of its building, the specific type of knots.

The purchase price of handmade carpets 3 meters the role of the wave of the Red Seal of the worm

190,000,000 تومان

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The world of handmade carpets is a timeless world. In this wonderful world of designs and roles, there are no limits, and the designer and the weaver can do everything that comes to mind or orders. The handmade carpet of the seal wave map is one of the most memorable designs of the past, which has been found in a new body. This handmade rug has exposed an original bergamot on the edges and bushes hidden in the lichens to the audience.The place of handmade carpet weaving is the design of the seal wave map of Tabriz. Tabriz is a place where many classic designs have either survived or recreated authentic Iranian designs. The breadth of the design and works of Tabriz became so widespread that other professors of carpet design and weaving and handmade carpet paintings across the country took the example of this city and the back of its weaving reached various points of the carpet weaving assemblies.