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Which city is the best Iranian carpet for?

Which city is the best carpet in Iran? Due to the high price and economic value of hand-woven carpets, many people use machine-made carpets as an alternative. Kashan has been known as the largest and most important exporter and producer of machine-made carpets for several years. It can almost be said that all carpet dealers are familiar with Kashan machine-made carpets and are busy exporting them to other countries. But in which city is the best hand-woven carpet in Iran woven?

For several years, the city of Tabriz has been operating as a hub for producing hand-woven carpets, and the products of its master weavers, such as hand-woven carpets, hand-woven carpet panels, hand-woven rugs and carpets, are among the most popular and best-selling products of the carpet industry. With these interpretations, the title of Iran’s best carpet cannot be generalized to a specific city. In order for a carpet to be among the best hand-woven carpets, it must have the following characteristics:

The density of the carpet
The coloring and number of colors used in the carpet as well as the color quality of the threads
Designs and its correct implementation on the carpet (in terms of symmetry and lines)
Carpet dimensions
Knots and type of carpet texture
Roots, stalks and threads of the carpet
Carpet pile (short or long)

These things determine a first-class carpet, which is measured according to the topic requested by the customer, but which cities in Iran produce and export hand-woven carpets with first-class quality:

Isfahan handmade carpet
Tabriz handwoven carpet
Kashan handwoven carpet
Kerman handwoven carpet
Farahan handwoven carpet
Sultanabad or Arak handwoven carpet
Harris handwoven carpet
Qom handwoven carpet
Nain handwoven carpet
And …

The carpets produced in each of these cities can be considered among the best carpets in Iran.

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