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The price of the handmade carpet, the longitudinal flower, the sculptural vase.

16,800,000 تومان

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In the handmade carpet of the longitudinal flower of the sculptural pot, which is woven in Turkish and performed at a standard density, there is a unique and amazing coloring that is performed on a brick background tending to Brown, which in the classification of Colors is generally never combined with blue. The creator of the work and the designer, by accepting this risk, will eventually achieve a very beautiful design using a light shade and grading the background color from dark to light.

The price of the handmade carpet in the upper garden alley.

117,000,000 تومان

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Handmade carpeting can reflect a memorable space from a particular location. The site may be tourist or in the back alleys of a remote village. It is possible to instill and remember this feeling by recording it, but sometimes the viewer prefers to receive this tenderness from the work, which is not possible through photography and painting. Handmade carpeting makes it possible for the viewer. The handmade carpet space of the upper garden Alley is implemented and paid for in this concept.

The price of the handmade carpet of the girl and the samovar.

22,900,000 تومان

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The handmade carpet of Tabriz is one of the most important and beautiful cultural and artistic symbols of our country Iran. Iranian handicrafts are active in various fields, among which the art of carpeting and carpet painting is considered one of its most valuable and fundamental export commodities. Today, the most fundamental issue that is seen in handmade carpeting is the variety of its design and color, which is made possible by the use of Cork and silk threads.

The purchase price of the Venice landscape carpet the boat race

32,500,000 تومان

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The handmade carpeting of the Venice sailing competition, which is one of the most beautiful Turkish carpeting of Iranian textiles, is woven using fluffy threads and Silk, including cultural and historical concepts from Venice. In the handmade carpet of the Venice landscape, the boat race has been the dominant concept of presenting Venetian art and designs and will be introduced as an artistic and sometimes sporting symbol of the city. The vividness of the image of this handmade carpet and its coloring gives the viewer a wonderful view.

The price of the grandmother’s transverse parrot carpet.

21,100,000 تومان

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The grandmother's transverse parrot handmade carpet is a special and unique work woven with Turkish texture and in the standard number of rows of 60 rows. Creating a creative work using everyday issues and facing humans returns to the power and ability of the illustrator and the Weaver.

The purchase price of the Angel Song carpet panel

42,000,000 تومان

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The hand-woven tapestry of Angels' Song is included in the category of religious hand-woven tapestries, the history of hand-woven tapestries dates back to the Middle Ages. The use of graphic shapes and geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, rhombuses, etc. was initially implemented in carpet patterns and hand-woven tapestries. More diverse designs came out.

The price of the Carnation carpet

22,000,000 تومان

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Our nature and surroundings are an amazing and infinite range of patterns for painting designs, handmade carpets, handmade carpets and so on ... It makes it available to artists. This beautiful, meaningful space that intersects with human life opens the door to art and world-building. But handmade carpeting requires a tapered tray to implement this design. It is recommended that you refer to the article handmade carpet painting for more information.

The price of the handmade carpet in the brick garden alley.

22,700,000 تومان

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Handmade carpet of the brick garden alley design, relying on the perspective of traditional Iranian architecture and Iranian rural landscapes, also by displaying the beautiful Iranian nature in live and real coloring, they eventually achieved the creation of a beautiful and irreplaceable image. This beautiful and exquisite carpet board is tightly woven and designed in Turkish Texture by the master of carpet art.