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To which countries are Iranian carpets exported?

What countries are Iranian carpets exported to? It can be said that Iranian carpets exist all over the world today and can be found in almost every country. Lovers and fans of Iranian hand-woven carpets and Iranian hand-woven rugs all over the world are eager to buy original and high-quality products. But which countries are the destination of sending these Iranian handwoven carpets?

According to the latest statistics, 78 countries are the destinations of these handwoven carpets. Nearly 20,000 tons of hand-woven carpets, Iranian rugs and rugs are exported to these countries every year, and the number increases every year. The countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are the main destinations of these exports and the countries of Australia, Italy, Canada, Kenya, Kuwait, Bahrain, Japan, France, China, England, India, Denmark, Thailand, Germany, Belgium and Qatar are the next destinations of these exchanges.

Among these 78 countries, Iran has more exports and trade with 57 countries. 29 countries are major buyers of Iranian handwoven carpets. These 29 countries include 13 Asian countries, 11 European countries, 4 American countries and 1 African country. Among these countries, China is one of the buyers of Iranian carpets, which, of course, tries to copy them. Apart from hand-woven carpets, Iranian machine-made carpets are also exported to other countries.

Why are Iranian carpets exported abroad?

It is necessary to introduce any industry that is monopolized by a particular region or country, and export. By exporting that industry or product, it is introduced to the world. The carpet industry is not exempt from this rule and it must be exported to introduce foreign currency into the country, to set the economic cycle in motion, etc., which are important aspects of the export process. Of course, unfortunately, the countries that were the main customers of Iranian handwoven carpets in the past are now buying their copy designs.

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One of the reasons for the decrease in the export of Iranian carpets to some countries is the American sanctions against Iran, which has caused us to lose the American carpet market and a decrease of several million dollars can be seen in the export of our carpets.

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