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Iranian handmade carpet price list

To determine the price of Iranian hand-woven carpets, several parameters are examined, which are as follows, but the presentation of the price list of Iranian hand-woven carpets is done only by designer masters and reputable stores:

Dimensions and size of handmade carpet
Type of weaving thread and knots
Carpet type
Synthetic or natural colors used in the carpet
The design implemented in the carpet (whether the design is quiet or crowded)
The type of carpet texture and city attributed to that type of texture
The number of rows and density of the carpet
And …

Iran Carpet Gallery has directly announced the price of Iranian hand-woven carpets in its store section, and the changes in the price of Iranian hand-woven carpets and paneled carpets will be applied on a daily basis. Iran Carpet Gallery experts in Ahvaz will guide you in a safe and comfortable purchase, just contact one of our communication channels.

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