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Specialized carpet services

Definitely, one of the most important intellectual concerns of customers is the service that a store provides after selling goods.

But the most important services provided for carpets are the following options:

Replacement: You may have seen carpet replacement advertisements, but what is the reality of this plan? In replacement plans, your carpet will be replaced with another carpet. Iran Carpet Gallery in Khuzestan has become the leader of stores in the province by implementing a plan to exchange your carpets with a high variety.
Laundry: washing carpets is highly sensitive, especially if these carpets are made of silk or exquisite fabrics or even have natural colors, the sensitivity of washing them is higher.
Shipping: Most of the customers request shipping from the store for the transportation of goods, the reasons for this are different, but the most important reasons are heavy urban traffic in big cities and the sensitivity of transporting goods.
Installation: sometimes the installation of products such as carpets is very important for dear buyers, considering the high economic value of some models of this product, it is better that the installation is done by the store itself and its representatives.
Proving: For the well-being of the customers and providing the right selection conditions according to the customers’ taste, Iran Carpet Gallery has provided the possibility of choosing two or three panels and testing their installation location in the desired location of the customers.

Apart from washing services, carpet services include other items such as cleaning, replacement, etc.

Iranian carpet gallery in Ahvaz branch (and other parts of Khuzestan province)

Carpet after sales service

خدمات پس از فروش تابلو فرشCarpet after sales service

Provides carpet after-sales services for all types of hand-woven carpets in a specialized and on-site manner to dear customers.

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