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The handmade carpet of the Ayat Wan ekad design is based on religious beliefs and the entry of Islam into Islamic Arts, which eventually reached the Iranian – Islamic Fusion Arts, which is seen among various works of great Iranian artists. Master designer of handmade carpet painting by Ayah Wan ekad master Ahmadi is one of the artists who has performed certain examples by fully recognizing this original art and combining national and religious beliefs.

The master has exhibited sketches that are perfectly harmonious with the Iranian design and roles and at the same time a religious hospital. The city of handmade carpet weaving is one of the most famous and prominent figures in the carpet industry, which has implemented and presented to the world unique examples of Iranian handmade carpets and paintings in original Iranian designs. The all-silk carpet is one of the examples that has countless fans among art lovers.

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The handmade carpet is a Persian texture. This particular style of weaving, which has one-sided knots, is implemented in the central parts of Iran and is one of the old weaving methods in the works of Iranian weaving carpets. We need a delicate thread to implement the exquisite design in the Persian texture style. The handmade carpet is made of silk yarn. This yarn has a very beautiful appearance, excellent shine and colorability. They use pure silk thread in the texture of exquisite and luxurious Iranian handmade works.

The handmade carpet is made of silk thread. In fact, it can be said that this handmade carpet is all silk. The reason for the use of silk thread in the fabric of this handmade carpet is the high resistance that this thread shows to external pressures. To have a variety of colors in a handmade carpet painting, threads with high colorability should be used. The handmade carpet painting of the verse one design displays more than 100 colors from different spectrums.

The Register indicates the number of knots in 6 or 7 cm from a row of braids in handmade carpeting. The number is used to declare the density of carpets and handmade carpet boards. There are many differences between carpets and handmade carpets in the number of carpets. On carpets, the number is declared from 30 to 50 or finally 55, and on carpets, this number will be from 50 to 120. These changes will be accompanied by the size of the effect. The handmade carpet number of the verse one design is 80 Reg.

The dimensions of a handmade carpet were in line with the dimensions announced on the map. The dimensions of the carpets are very important for manufacturers and buyers because they will be effective in determining the price of the carpets and in determining the wage of the Weaver. Knowing the dimensions of the carpet board is before the frame is added, which should be considered because it increases in size despite the frame. The dimensions of the handmade carpet are 100×30 in a complete rectangular shape.

It is very important for its owners to preserve whatever is precious. This value can be material or spiritual. To preserve jewelry, they put it in a box and to preserve handmade carpeting, they put it in protective frames. The common feature between the two is its beautiful appearance and its resistance to possible damage. The frames have a sex of natural wood, synthetic wood and PVC. The layout of these frames is also very different. The handmade carpet frame of the verse one design is made of PVC.

Verse one is a handmade silk carpet painting from Qom, one of the most exquisite products of the Iranian carpet gallery. This carpet board has a beautiful and unique coloring at a reasonable price in the form of cash and installments (installment book) without interest has a high purchase value and can be purchased in two ways. In-person and in-person purchases (online, virtual store and…) Are among the ways you can buy Iranian handmade carpets and Iranian handmade carpets from the Iranian carpet gallery and have an ideal and unique purchase.

Buy a handmade carpet painting by verse one.
You, dear customer, can visit the Iranian carpet gallery in person and directly in the Department of handmade carpets of the Ayet van ekad model or register your purchase online and in person through the online store.

The price of the handmade carpet is verse one.
See the price list of handmade carpets, including the daily price of the verse one single carpet, in high quality and free shipping throughout the country

The sale of handmade carpet paintings by verse one
Ayet Wan ekad online and online sale of handmade carpet paintings Ayet Wan ekad in Iran; sale with installment conditions in the Iranian carpet gallery is a permanent exhibition of fine handmade carpets and paintings, which offers special discounts for its customers in different relationships and times.

The exhibition of handmade carpet paintings by verse one
The permanent exhibition of Iranian carpets has provided you with the best-selling handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards, including the handmade carpet boards of Ayet Wan ekad with free on-site testing, allowing you to enjoy the special sale of all products at the best price and special discounts. You can find more comprehensive information about this collection in the About Us section of the Iranian carpet website.

The handmade carpet board is a verse of one.
Carpets and handmade carpet paintings of the Iranian carpet gallery, including handmade carpet paintings by Ayet Wan yakad, all produced by the largest artists and weavers of Iran and in all cities and provinces large and small of Iran, including Tehran, Tabriz, Hamdan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Qom, Khuzestan, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Rasht, Kerman and… They’re specially supplied at the best price. Also, due to the quality and innovation and identity of the collection and the guarantee of authenticity of the goods, all products can be exported and shipped to all countries of the world such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, France and neighboring countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan and so on… They are. This shows that the variety of products of the Iranian carpet gallery has taken into account all tastes and has tried to attract the attention of all members of society by preparing paintings with modern and traditional textures.


فرش ایران

جنس قاب


طراح فرش دستباف

Master Ahmadi

سایز فرش

100*30 (dimensions without frame)

نوع بافت

Persian texture

جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز


محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

80 knot

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