The price of the handmade carpet of the girl and the samovar.

The handmade carpet of Tabriz is one of the most important and beautiful cultural and artistic symbols of our country Iran. Iranian handicrafts are active in various fields, among which the art of carpeting and carpet painting is considered one of its most valuable and fundamental export commodities. Today, the most fundamental issue that is seen in handmade carpeting is the variety of its design and color, which is made possible by the use of Cork and silk threads.

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Many consider the background of the handmade carpet painting of Tabriz to be from the Qajar period, at which time the people of Tabriz weaved carpets with religious designs, nature and… They made a significant contribution to the introduction of this expensive commodity. The general features of handmade carpeting in addition to the variety of colors and designs can be varied maps, different dimensions, thickness, high strength and … He pointed. The collection of these issues led to the popularity of this exquisite carpet and promoted its position among exportable goods.

Handmade carpeting of girls and samovars is among the works on display and sale from Tabriz. This beautiful carpet painting is woven by artists who have made a great transformation by learning the alphabet of art and applying it to the art of carpet weaving. Handmade carpeting was originally designed with floral designs, animals, wavy shapes and … It’s woven and the Islamic and bat jaqa roles were limited to the city of Isfahan.

But today, in the woven works of Tabriz, the plans and maps of other cities of Iran, including Qom, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kashan and … It’s used. One of the important features of Tabriz carpets is their high resistance to stretching, which occurs both due to the use of high-quality threads and due to the style of its texture. In Turkish tissue there is a high conjunction between the nodes of each ridge and each row.


فرش ایران

طراح فرش دستباف

Professor Mortazavi

جنس قاب


نوع بافت

Turkish texture

سایز فرش

60×80 (dimensions without a frame)

جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

52 Reg

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