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The price of the handmade carpet board is two horses.

14,800,000 تومان

In stock

Tandis two horses Tabriz's handmade silk carpet board is one of the most exquisite products of the Iranian carpet gallery. This carpet board has a beautiful and unique coloring at a reasonable price in the form of cash and installments (installment book) without interest has a high purchase value and can be purchased in two ways. In-person and in-person purchases (online, virtual store and...) Are among the ways you can buy Iranian handmade carpets and Iranian handmade carpets from the Iranian carpet gallery and have an ideal and unique purchase.

The price of a handmade carpet. Peacock view

130,000,000 تومان

In stock

To buy high quality Peacock landscape handmade carpet board and purchase guarantee with special conditions in shipping, testing, payment without intermediaries from manufacturers, as well as for free expert consultation with sales experts at the carpet gallery of Iran we assure you that we will deliver our selected goods to you at home in the shortest possible time with the best packaging.

The price of the handmade carpet Board of the bird parrot pernian

16,500,000 تومان

In stock

The pernian parrot handmade carpet has an acceptable ranking among handmade carpets with all quality measurement scales and was able to achieve an outstanding ranking among fans of Iranian handmade carpets.

The price of the handmade carpet, the longitudinal flower, the sculptural vase.

19,200,000 تومان

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In the handmade carpet of the longitudinal flower of the sculptural pot, which is woven in Turkish and performed at a standard density, there is a unique and amazing coloring that is performed on a brick background tending to Brown, which in the classification of Colors is generally never combined with blue. The creator of the work and the designer, by accepting this risk, will eventually achieve a very beautiful design using a light shade and grading the background color from dark to light.

The price of the grandmother’s transverse parrot carpet.

21,100,000 تومان

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The grandmother's transverse parrot handmade carpet is a special and unique work woven with Turkish texture and in the standard number of rows of 60 rows. Creating a creative work using everyday issues and facing humans returns to the power and ability of the illustrator and the Weaver.

The price of the Carnation carpet

16,800,000 تومان

In stock

Our nature and surroundings are an amazing and infinite range of patterns for painting designs, handmade carpets, handmade carpets and so on ... It makes it available to artists. This beautiful, meaningful space that intersects with human life opens the door to art and world-building. But handmade carpeting requires a tapered tray to implement this design. It is recommended that you refer to the article handmade carpet painting for more information.

Handwoven oval bird pattern carpet

52,000,000 تومان

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Handwoven oval bird pattern carpet

Handmade tapestry with animal designs