The price of buying a hand-woven carpet with a flower basket design

Each house has its own decoration with different characteristics. Tabriz hand-woven carpet in Ahvaz is one of the best carpets to beautify your home. You should always consider the color of the panel, the size of the panel and its arrangement according to the conditions of your home so that with a wise choice, your home will look more beautiful than before. The flower basket carpet, which is a basket of beautiful roses, nastaliq, tulips, etc., has silk threads and silk colors are also used to show the color of the silk petals. Note that the photo of this carpet was taken from behind the carpet and the reason is the low quality of the photo. One of the goals of Khuzestan Carpet Iran Handwoven Gallery is to provide high quality handwoven silk carpets and handwoven silk carpets and satisfy customers.

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Handmade carpet flower basket design (Handmade carpet flower basket design) A flower basket gives satisfaction in any place. Well, seeing the daily display of these flowers on the wall of the house can add freshness and beauty to our days. Tabrizi artists displayed a basket of floral carpets for those interested in floral designs. Wool and silk are used in the taropod of this carpet. The combination of different colors on the light dark background has created a stunning appearance. This precious handmade art needs a high-quality and suitable frame that does not reduce its effect but is valuable. The frame intended for this work is made of PVC.

Sometimes the beauty and elegance of a craft reaches such a point that it is no longer practical and we use it as decoration.

In the meantime, Iranian hand-woven carpet has a special place. Carpets are woven in relatively small sizes with different designs and high-quality raw materials and are placed in frames that beautify our living areas. Iranian weaving artists have created unique works with a world of taste and feeling influenced by their culture and environment. The variety of designs and patterns and the exquisite texture of these carpets dazzle the eyes of every viewer. The unique beauty of Iranian carpets is one of the reasons for the longevity of this art and has introduced this hand-woven carpet to the world as a representative of Iranian art and culture.


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    تابلو فرش دستباف پاسور باز کوچک عالی بود ممنون از جناب فلاحی و رمضان زاده بابت مشاوره و همکاری عالیشون

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  5. علی اکبر بیگی

    با افتخار می‌تونم بگویم که تابلو فرش‌های این وبسایت تزئینی انحصاری در خانه من هستند.

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