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The price of handmade carpeting verses and 4 qals

98,000,000 تومان

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To buy handmade carpet board verse al-Karsi and 4 high quality and purchase guarantee with special conditions in shipping methods, testing, payment without intermediaries from manufacturers, as well as for free expert consultation with sales experts at the carpet gallery of Iran we assure you that we will deliver our selected goods to you at home in the shortest possible time with the best packaging.

The price of buying a hand-woven carpet tapestry with a horizontal pattern of Aye One Ekad on a blue background

6,900,000 تومان

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Verses 51 and 52 of Surah Qalam in Chapter 29 of the Holy Qur'an are considered to be the verses of the wounded eye. It is mentioned in the revelation of these verses that after the infidels heard the verses of the Qur'an from the mouth of the Prophet of Islam, they looked at him with anger and rage, so these verses were revealed to protect them. These verses were revealed to the great prophet of Islam in the city of Mecca, and the meaning of this is explicitly mentioned to the wounded eye.

The price of buying a unique hand-woven carpet panel

6,300,000 تومان

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Hand-woven carpet panel of one Yakad; To buy religious carpets from Iran Carpet Gallery, you can easily order your carpet online and get it delivered to you anywhere in the country for free in the shortest possible time. The hand-woven carpet panel is a high-quality 60-row silk carpet with a very high texture density, which is 80 x 60 dimensions without a frame. This product is placed in the category of Islamic and religious carpets on Farsh Iran site. Before buying, you can contact by phone: 09126180242 and benefit from free expert advice.

The purchase price of Ayeh and En Yakad handwoven carpet design

9,800,000 تومان

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There is a famous saying that says that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so if you want to stay, use the option of conceptual pictures. Many great painters of the world brought the concepts of human life or different aspects of society in their paintings and were busy transferring and sharing it. Some politicians have mentioned in their memoirs that the formation and spread of the world's biggest revolutions was carried out through the transfer of images and people's awareness through it.

The purchase price of Aye and En Yekad all-silk rugs

6,300,000 تومان

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The combination of traditional motifs and designs with the verses of the Holy Quran was what Islamic artists did after the presence of Islam in Iran and its transfer to the whole world. In fact, this correlation between religion and national traditions was able to add new faces and designs to the system of image disciplines. Imagine that the verses of the Qur'an are placed in the margin of the Islamic designs and these reliefs will be presented to the eyes of the viewers like interwoven stems.

The purchase price of Aye One Yakad vertical handwoven carpet

21,800,000 تومان

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The hand-woven carpet tells the story of the past eras like an illustrated story book. An image recorded in the text of a hand-woven carpet board and its threads are mixed with that concept, can penetrate hearts and minds and be as effective as a historical book. But what is hidden in each role? Different styles of hand-woven tapestry are used to introduce a specific concept and can represent its society.