The purchase price of the Venice landscape carpet the boat race

* Note: some of the designs of the carpet board have several different sizes and may be introduced in the video above, another size of the product, please refer to the supplementary description section to find out the exact size of this product.

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33,000,000 تومان

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تواصل مع مستشارينا عبر الواتساب

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توضیحات محصول:

Historical sites, tourist sites, the world’s most famous sights have been and are the main source of artistic designs. Perhaps these places are famous for their use of images in arts such as carpeting and painting, painting and so on … It was. The introduction of historical sites is one of the things that has played a serious role in the transmission of the culture and customs of a society and has been able to provide information from the destination country in the discussion of geotourism.

For the carpet to have a high effect and better display, the use of preferred materials and yarn is also a very important factor. In describing this tool, we should say that using high-quality materials in carpets such as weaving yarn and weaving yarn, it shows better reflection of light and display of color. For example, pure wool yarn has a low ability to return light due to its dull color and light reflection, and its surface does not have this effect due to its roughness.

In front of silk yarn carpets, at a lower level of fluff, at a medium level, and between the two, the combination of fluff and Silk, they have a high ability to reflect their polished and smooth surface, as well as display the color of the executed design. The high quality of silk yarn or the combination of Cork and Silk has a high strength and strength of Iranian handmade carpets, which has added to the number of fans of this style and type of handmade carpet.


فرش ایران

طراح فرش دستباف

Professor Karim Nejad

جنس قاب


سایز فرش

105×60 (dimensions without a frame)

نوع بافت

Turkish texture

جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

رج فرش

60 Reg

نظرتون رو با ما به اشتراک بزارید

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    راضی بودم

  2. احمد زارع

    چطوری می‌تونم از برترین تازه‌ترین محصولات شما مطلع بشم؟

  3. جمشید حمیدی (verified owner)

    فرش‌های اینجا چون نقاشی‌هایی از افکار و احساسات هنرمندان تراشیده شده‌اند.

  4. منصور پناهی (verified owner)

    چطوری می‌تونم به تصاویر و ویژگی‌های بیشتری از تابلو فرش‌ها دسترسی پیدا کنم؟

  5. اصغر زنگنه (verified owner)


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