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The price of buying a hand-woven carpet panel with a miniature design of Navai Avai Ni

123,700,000 تومان

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Perhaps it can be said that the handmade carpet of the miniature design of the Nawai NI is an original example of traditional Iranian art. This exquisite and beautiful work is inspired by the traditional Iranian music and the music of our country. Iranian art masters who use love, historical epics as well as nature in their handmade carpet drawings have also included miniature designs among these works. NI is a symbol of the coexistence and authenticity of Iranian culture, which mixes this carpet with itself.

The price of the handmade carpet board miniature design morning flowers

55,800,000 تومان

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Miniature carpet paintings are notable among fans of the art of Buffy carpet because they perform a landscape beyond the mind of the viewer. The design used in these paintings is made up of abstract concepts that are often derived from a belief, spirituality and ... They're taken, they're executed. The handmade carpet of the miniature design of the morning flowers is also woven with the same view and using elements of art such as coloring and role-playing. Master designer of handmade carpeting miniature design of morning flowers master sushposh is one of the most stylish teachers in this field of art. The esteemed Master has used all the material and immaterial components in the texture of this work. The authenticity of a work of art can ensure the safety of the buyer. So many people are only interested in buying specific local handmade works. The city of weaving handmade carpeting miniature design of the morning flowers of Tabriz is among these cities.

The price of the miniature handmade carpet board

86,970,000 تومان

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Miniature AOI NI the handmade silk carpet Board of Tabriz is one of the most exquisite products of the Iranian carpet gallery. This carpet board has a beautiful and unique coloring at a reasonable price in the form of cash and installments (installment book) without interest has a high purchase value and can be purchased in two ways. In-person and in-person purchases (online, virtual store and...) Are among the ways you can buy Iranian handmade carpets and Iranian handmade carpets from the Iranian carpet gallery and have an ideal and unique purchase.