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400,000,000 تومان

Handmade tableau the design of the Tsar’s party is among the designs that are recorded according to the above material and are a great option for enthusiasts of old styles and historical designs. This handmade tableau that displays the reign of the Russian tsars, despite the tones of brown, gray and mustard, as the dominant color, is more powerful to instill a sense of historicity of this effect. The presence of interconnected Turkish nodes has also perfected this Color Harmony.

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The introduction of celebrities of each country, regardless of their positive or negative actions and simply because of their influence in history, has been one of the materials that have always been of interest to artists, including writers, painters and illustrators, sculptors and … It has been. Celebrities may be the main subject of these initiatives, but the action or situation in which they are located is also very important and is carried out by artists in various artistic disciplines to record history.

The gatherings held by the elders in the past were attended by important people or by special purpose and occasion, due to its high importance, it was felt necessary to register it. But for this enduring record, a robust and robust substrate has been needed to be remembered for posterity.

Many of the tableau designs that are today the basis of the work of designer Masters and carpet weavers have been the result of recording these events in the context of other arts that are preserved and selected to perform in tableaux today.

Despite the predominance of dark colors on a bright background, this handmade carpet is a well-represented space, and its unique color variation will easily interior in a variety of decorations with different colors. In addition to displaying the historical aspect in the category of classic handmade carpet and chamber tableau, these styles are included in the types of Iranian, Greek and architecture … It will be used today.

طراح فرش دستباف

Master Majidi

جنس قاب


نوع بافت

Turkish texture

سایز فرش
جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

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رمضان زاده

برند رمضان زاده(Ramezan Zadeh) به شماره ثبت علامت تجاری ٤٥٢١٧٩ ایران کالا و خدمات و طبقه بندی بین المللی طبقه ۲۷ فرش، جاجیم، قالیچه، فرش/ گلیم، طبقه ۳۵ تبلیغات خرید و فروش




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