The purchase price of handmade carpets is 3 meters. the role of the creamy blue sovereignty

The handmade carpet of the sovereign design is one of the oldest and of course most popular examples among the original traditional Iranian designs. Due to its high popularity, the scheme offered enthusiasts a variety of roles on a main platform. The designer and weavers of this exquisite work are adapted from the original designs such as the garden of Eden, fish and … He pointed. But the reason for this popularity of the Salari carpet is the variety in color and the harmony with all kinds of decorations.

The handmade carpet weaving site of the Tabriz city’s sovereign design is a place where the innovation of any design can be found in the carpet markets of the city even after years of implementation and introduction. The purity of purity has shown the magic of artists ‘ fingers in the game of knots and colors, and this show is more than a thousand expressive texts. Tabriz city has embedded these enduring patterns in the heart of history so that its beauty can be used in any period.

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The type of handmade carpet weaving is the Turkish sovereign design of the weaving. Turkish weaving or Turkish knot is a lasting monument to the city of Tabriz from ancient times to the present day for enthusiasts of the art and industry of carpet weaving. In Turkish tissue, we tie two knots on either side of the thread. These two knots are perfectly correlated, identical and solid. Double knot, double knot, symmetrical knot and … It’s one of the names that refers to this style of texture. Today, more than half of the works of Iranian weaving are woven with Turkish knots.

The material of the handmade carpet is a sovereign design of two threads of Cork and Silk. These two threads are the result of several hundred years of experience of Iranian dyeing, textiles and carpet weaving, which is used among several weaving threads as the most excellent product for the implementation of Turkish knots of carpets and handmade carpet boards in Tabriz. The sovereign design uses many colors of green, purple, black and turquoise blue, which will better show the brilliance of the dominant silk thread in the texture of these colors.

One of the reasons Iranian handmade carpet fans are interested in buying carpets is the coloring of handmade carpets. These varieties start with the colors of the background and continue until the tiny roles. Each design is executed in several ways on a color card, which is ideal for implementing a layout, not a copy. The execution of two texts in the background color of the carpets distinguishes today’s varieties from the monochromes of the past.

The handmade carpet is also made of silk thread. Carpeting is known among designers and weavers as the first-class carpet in terms of price, due to the great use of silk yarn in it. Even behind the rug or behind the rug, this rug has a wonderful view of the intertwining of the silk and the Silk. On the other hand, this carpet shows a high density with a high thread like silk.

The number of handmade carpets of the sovereign design is 60 Reg. The number, which refers to the same density of the carpet, also represents the strength and thickness of the carpet while being delicate. Despite the high price of carpeting, there is no limit to the texture and it is woven in any size. The dimensions of the handmade carpet of the sovereign design are 150*200, which also includes the dominant shape of this design, i.e. rectangular.

The role of the blue-cream handmade carpet of 3 meters of silk is among the most exquisite products of the Iranian carpet gallery. This carpet has a beautiful and unique coloring at a reasonable price in the form of cash and installments (installment book) without interest has a high purchase value and can be purchased in two ways. In-person and in-person purchases (online, virtual store and…) Are among the ways you can buy Iranian handmade carpets and Iranian handmade carpet boards from the Iranian carpet gallery and have an ideal and unique purchase.

Introduction to the handmade carpet of the role of the Blue karmic sovereign
Handmade carpets and paintings have always been a monument to the great culture of the Iranian land and shine like diamonds in the artistic history of Iran. The designs used in these products are very diverse and from religious designs, to landscape designs, animal designs and even various national designs and many other things, they are all part of the diversity of this beautiful and original Iranian art.

Buying handmade carpets the role of the creamy blue sovereignty
You, dear customer, can visit the Iranian carpet gallery in person and directly in the Department of handmade carpets of the role model of the Blue Karmi role or register your purchase online and in person through the online store.

The price of handmade carpets
See the price list of handmade carpets, including the daily price of carpets, high quality and free shipping throughout the country

The sale of handmade carpets the role of the creamy blue sovereignty
The role of the karmic blue carpet online and online sale of handmade carpets the role of the karmic blue carpet in Iran; a sale with installment conditions in the Iranian carpet gallery is a permanent exhibition of fine handmade carpets and paintings, which offers special discounts for its customers in different relationships and times.

The exhibition of handmade carpets the role of the creamy blue sovereign
The permanent exhibition of Iranian carpets has provided you with the best-selling carpets and handmade carpet boards, including handmade carpets, the role of the Blue worm sovereignty with free on-site testing, allowing you to enjoy the special sale of all products at the best price and special discounts. You can find more comprehensive information about this collection in the About Us section of the Iranian carpet website.

Handmade carpet exports the role of the creamy blue sovereign
Carpets and handmade carpets of the Iranian carpet gallery, including handmade carpets, are all produced by the largest artists and weavers of Iran and are used in all cities and provinces of Iran, including Tehran, Tabriz, Hamdan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Qom, Khuzestan, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Rasht, Kerman and so on… They’re specially supplied at the best price. Also, due to the quality and innovation and identity of the collection and the guarantee of authenticity of the goods, all products can be exported and shipped to all countries of the world such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, France and neighboring countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan and so on… They are. This shows that the variety of products of the Iranian carpet gallery has taken into account all tastes and tried to attract the attention of all members of society by preparing carpets with modern and traditional textures.


فرش ایران

سایز فرش

200 by 150 centimeters.

نوع بافت

Turkish texture

جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

60 Reg

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