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The purchase price of Mehrmadari vertical hand-woven carpet (good night)

27,800,000 تومان

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A mother's love and affection for her children is a subject that, due to its high value and importance, has received the attention of many artists, including designers, sculptors, painters, etc. The creation of a statue of a mother holding her child inspired many painters. In the Christian religion, due to the high status of Mary, the mother of Jesus, panels and designs attributed to her were executed, which were used as a lesson for others.

The price of the handmade carpet of the Qajar girl

17,900,000 تومان

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Qajar girl Tabriz’s handmade silk carpet board is one of the most exquisite products of the Iranian carpet gallery. This

The purchase price of Napoleon’s wedding vertical hand-woven carpet

45,000,000 تومان

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Important events and gatherings of Bazm have been other designs and inspirations for sketching the design of paintings and image designers. In addition, many elders used painters, poets and writers to record their actions in history. In this way, the history was recorded in an illustrated and written form and remains a memory for future generations. But how much could these pictures or writings affect the viewer or reader? Naturally, the more realistic it is, the more effective it will be.