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Introduction to the types of handmade carpet fibers

معرفی انواع الیاف فرش دستباف

Fibers are called handmade carpet weaving threads here. Some fibers are known as synthetic or plastic threads, which are also used in the production of glass wool, both of which are true, and we refer here to the threads and the weaving of the handmade carpet. Synthetic fibers are used in carpet weaving and carpet weaving, which is a sign of the higher value of handmade carpets and carpets than their machine types.

Threads that weave handmade carpets are usually made of silk, wool, linen, and fluff, which are the 4 main fibers, or a combination of these threads that the Weaver uses. These threads can be used for both handmade carpets and handmade carpets. The use of each of these threads will eventually lead to the output of a carpet that will have unique and different characteristics from other types. A good carpet is woven from fine and high-quality yarn.

We’re going to introduce each of the handmade carpet fibers:

Wool yarn handmade carpet weaving
One of the highest quality threads used in the carpet industry is wool yarn. Wool yarn is obtained from the wool of sheep, which was bred for this purpose. The best yarn size for use in a Buffy rug is 30 to 40 microns in diameter. The best place where wool yarn can be used for carpeting is cold areas such as mountainous areas. White wool is the best option for Textiles and yarn production because it has a higher colorability than other sheep wool colors.

To produce a good and desirable wool yarn, the washing and removal of impurities and contaminants in the wool must be carried out. Sheep wool is sometimes accompanied by sand, dirt, sand, dirt, biological contaminants and … They have to be cleaned before the dyeing operation. The season in which sheep’s wool is picked is of great importance. Of course, sheep wool is generally picked in spring, summer and early autumn, and spring wool is of higher quality than others.

Handmade carpet all wool
When we talk about all-wool handmade carpets, it means that both the carpets and the carpet are made of wool. Carpet weaving is classified as traditional weaving, and wool is commonly used in areas where cotton is less available. All wool carpets are thick, so the texture will be rougher and rougher. All-wool carpets because of their softness, moisture barrier, blood circulation aid, high strength and strength, durability and … It has many fans, especially in the cold regions.

Handmade carpets, wool and Silk.
In some places, the combination of wool and Silk will eventually lead to the texture of a beautiful and attractive handmade carpet. Of course, you’ll never find a carpet with all the wool and all the silk, but some silk is also used in the texture of the wool. Of course, the combination of wool and Silk is not very common despite its high strength and is less commonly used than other combinations of threads with silk.

When a silk carpet is made of wool wool with a higher percentage of silk yarn (sometimes equal to the amount of wool yarn used), the style of silk carpet is created, which is common in the style of weaving and weaving. In silk flower carpets, the patterns and edges of handmade carpets are woven using silk. Another model of this combination is the use of silk yarn as a lint, and wool is used for its soles, in which case it is called a silk floor carpet.

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Cotton thread handmade carpet weaving
One of the most common threads and fibers used in handmade carpets is cotton yarn. Cotton yarn or flax yarn is usually used for carpet weaving, the reasons for its use are the high strength and strength of cotton yarn compared to other fibers, the lack of conflict of cotton yarn or the cotton plant in general with pests( cotton prevents carpet weed) and the coarse grain weaving by yarn, which are the reasons for the high use of cotton yarn in different parts of Iran in the carpet industry.

But the problem is that the cotton thread is not used in the carpet, and the linen thread is only used in the carpet. Due to the Prevention of cotton from pests, if the carpet is exposed to burglary, only its lint is damaged, which can be recovered by repair.

Handmade carpets, cotton and wool.
The combination of flax and wool, when cotton is in the pitch and wool is in the lint, is one of the most common and popular examples of handmade carpets. This compound is used in both fine-textured and coarse-textured carpets. Flax is extracted from the stem of the flax plant, which is harvested annually. The flowers of the flax plant are white, Azure, purple, blue and red, located above its stem.

Due to the lower price of this type of handmade linen and wool carpet than others, its fans are also more and its buying and selling is more than others. This type of carpet can be used in all seasons and all places.

Silk thread handmade carpet weaving
Silk thread is one of the most popular, expensive and high-quality handmade carpet weaving threads, and the works woven by this expensive thread have been extremely beautiful and luxurious. The reason why silk yarn is so expensive is the hard process of getting it from silkworm stairs. On the other hand, silk-woven carpets have a high economic value because they are much harder and more time-consuming to weave than other fibers.

Silk thread of unparalleled brilliance, light reflection ,polished surface and… It is used in the execution of specific designs or floral motifs. The carpet woven with silk thread has a very high strength and resistance to stretching and tearing.

Handmade carpet all silk
All-silk carpets are actually works that are made of silk thread. This unique commodity is also very economically valuable and spiritually and artistically, because its texture is very carefully done over a long period of time. The delicate texture, polished and shiny surface, unparalleled beauty, special and durable motifs are its features. But this carpet should not be used in crowded places because it will damage the handmade carpet.

Cork thread handmade carpet weaving
Fluff is actually delicate and soft wool on the bodies of goats, sheep and camels, which are short and have a delicate braid. Cracks are trapped between the shoulders when the animal’s body is combed, and are considered to be a variety of expensive and rare fibers due to its small volume and less access. As a result, Cork yarn can only be used in exquisite and delicate carpets, and one of the most common combinations is seen with silk yarn.

One of the challenges facing buyers and customers of Cork carpets is the high similarity of merino threads to Cork threads, which will cause public error. The difference between the two threads is the lower price of the Merino thread than the Cork. Merino yarn is a delicate outer yarn.

Handmade carpets of Cork and Silk.
The combination of Cork yarn with silk yarn will leave an exquisite lasting combination. One of the most common exquisite and sometimes exported carpets is the use of silk plates and Cork plates, which may also be cotton plates. Cork is an expensive thread that is of course of low resistance and is considered to be very delicate threads, so it is not used in ordinary carpets with general use.

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