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Introduction of carpet and painting types in Tabriz

معرفی انواع فرش و تابلوفرش در تبریز

Handmade carpets and boards are ranked first to fifth in Iran as one of the multiple elements of exports. The desire to buy this exquisite commodity and export has created a competitive market both at home and abroad. Iranian handmade carpets and paintings in several cities such as Isfahan, Mashhad, Qom, Kashan, Shiraz and … It’s woven and sent to other cities and countries. In Tabriz, this commodity is one of the most important economic and export commodities.

Tabriz city
Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran. The city, which has been the focus of attention of the Kings of Iran in different periods in different periods, but in the Safavid and Qajar periods, this attention was multiplied. Safavid, which is the glory of Iranian handmade carpets, gave the opportunity to introduce this beautiful art of our country to other artists around the world. Carpets and handmade carpets were no exception.

Tabriz, the cradle of art and poetry, exhibited new designs of any art in the country or the world, which is why it became famous among Iranian products or Iranian poets in the city. East adarbayjan province has many cities that are introduced to the art of friendship due to their culture and interest in art. The presence of cold, mountainous weather and special customs have made the city a tourist destination in the spring and summer seasons.

History of carpets in Tabriz
The carpet in Tabriz also has a long history and is one of the most famous types of Iranian handmade carpets. The oldest handmade carpets in Tabriz were made of sheep wool. The 2,500-year history of carpet weaving in Tabriz has gone through many ups and downs. During the Safavid rule, Tabriz was recognized and introduced as the main center of handmade carpet weaving, the results of which are evident to this day. The specific styles and techniques of weaving and its tools led to the separation of the weaving style from other weaving methods.

Tabriz carpet in terms of design and role, weaving patterns, carpet execution tools, weaving, weaving threads and so on … It has obvious differences from carpets in other parts of Iran, which ultimately resulted from this particular carpet. The reasons for the popularity of this carpet are its high quality, which is derived from its preferred yarn and its special and strong weaving methods. This particular handmade carpet is one of the most well-known examples of Iranian handmade carpets around the world.

Handmade silk carpet from Tabriz
Tabriz is one of the most important centers of handmade carpet weaving. The most important examples of handmade carpets in Tabriz are the handmade carpet of Tabriz silk, which is generally done by combining silk and Cork. The silk carpet of Tabriz is one of the most economically valuable and extraordinary quality examples known by the same name all over the world. Handmade silk carpets have unique designs that fall into both the classical and modern carpet designs.

Designer artist in handmade silk carpets from examples of designs of nature, animals, flowers and … It uses. In handmade carpets, handmade carpets are very popular with artists. The use of silk yarn in handmade carpets both affects its pricing and changes the appearance of the carpet in terms of its brightness.

Handmade carpeting in Tabriz
Handmade carpet boards are shrunk examples of handmade carpets woven with the same material. Handmade carpet designs such as handmade carpets designs of nature, flowers and plants, animals, landscapes, international designs, customs, historical sites, religious events and places, recreational places and so on … It’s connected to people’s normal lives and it displays layers of them in the form of unrepeatable art.

Handmade carpets are among the most popular and exported examples of Iranian handmade carpets, which are recognized worldwide as the best examples of handmade carpets. Handmade carpeting is used in various places. These handmade carpets can be used both in formal premises and in home environments with classic and modern decoration designs.

Tabriz carpet market
Tabriz carpet market is one of the traditional and old markets of Tabriz. The market is located in the center of Tabriz and is one of the tourist destinations. In the Tabriz carpet market, there are a variety of handmade carpets in different designs and sizes, as well as designs by professors called carpets. In this market, a thousand roles of handmade carpets and handmade carpets are seen in unique designs.

For people interested in traditional markets and traditional designs, this spectacular market is recommended. The market is considered one of the symbols of Tabriz, which is recommended for travelers and lovers of the history of the city to visit these places alongside the Tabriz mosque. The fusion of traditional architecture and Iranian culture, which is the bridge between tradition and modernity, is of great value to global markets. This market is one of the most important centers of earning money through the sale of handmade carpets in Tabriz.

The price of handmade carpets is secondhand.
Handmade carpets have many fans. This increases customer requests for this exquisite product. With the increase in requests and the lack of repetition of designs, as well as the antiquity of some models, the demand for second-hand handmade carpets increases. Handmade carpets do not diminish their value over time, but as gold does with time and age, their prices increase.

The Iranian carpet gallery is proud to present all its products, including carpets and handmade carpets, in cash and installments, to our dear compatriots. For free telephone and in-person advice and more information about the series, please visit the About Us page.

The price of used handmade carpets is no exception, and some of its models are sold at very high prices. Among the things that cause the high price of these handmade carpets are silk threads and handmade carpeting, the type of handmade carpet knots, the type of silk thread, and the type of silk thread … , He pointed out.

Handmade Tabriz teachers / handmade Tabriz
Tabriz city, which is the cradle of carpet art and handmade carpet weaving, has introduced the famous and stylistic teachers to the history of this art field. Tabriz handmade carpet teachers have designed specific examples of completely Iranian designs that are completely unique and unrepeatable in the world and even the country. These professors include master rasulzadeh, master Sidian, master Majidi innocent, master syedzadeh, master Rasul, master tahirzadeh, master Arabzadeh, master mirmasur, master Eskandani and master Ahmed Abad.

Beautiful and original Iranian designs
Handmade carpet designs and paintings are taken from all elements of human life that have either paid special attention to or been excluded from society in any society. These designs are generally used for a specific purpose, but are mainly used to evoke memories or good feelings.There are also works that are notable for preserving values, history, culture and … They’re designed and implemented.

One of the designs that has countless fans in both Iran and other parts of the world is the beautiful and original Iranian designs. Iranian handmade carpets and boards are made of nature designs, hunting grounds, animals such as lions, deer and birds, Beth jaqa, Iranian architecture, Islamic designs, geometric shapes and so on … It is woven, which was added to the collection by being placed in the global markets of international and important designs from other countries.

Carpet roles of Tabriz
Tabriz handmade carpets, which are old and special examples in original Iranian handmade carpets, have also been used in the implementation of its works. Tabriz carpet roles are generally small, elegant, small-scale designs executed with specific, sometimes abstract concepts. These roles sometimes show nature, and sometimes we come across a colorful Meadow. Sometimes we also come up with specific designs of animals and hunting grounds.

The largest manufacturer of handmade carpets in Tabriz
Handmade carpets in Tabriz can be seen in global markets. The presence in global markets and financial exchanges brought attention to this market. Therefore, competition among manufacturers increased, which led to an increase in its quality. The largest manufacturer of handmade carpets in Tabriz is also included in the forum. Handmade carpet manufacturers in Tabriz use popular examples in carpets and carpet boards to present in this field.

Handmade carpet specifications of Tabriz
A handmade carpet has many characteristics the following are the most important:

A handmade carpet is made of high-quality threads, generally silk, fluff, and wool.
The handmade carpet of Tabriz is woven with very high quality from silk thread.
Original designs are seen on handmade carpets in Tabriz.
The texture of handmade carpet knots is symmetrical and bilateral.
The surface of the handmade carpet is very bright and polished.
And …

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