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Principles of maintenance of handmade carpets

Maintaining an exquisite gift like a hand-woven carpet has always been a concern of different people. But the maintenance of this decorative item has principles and solutions that if done correctly, you can use your carpet panel for years away from any damage. As you know, carpets are divided into two categories, hand-woven and machine-made, the maintenance of hand-woven carpets is more sensitive.

Before knowing the factors that damage the carpet, it is necessary to mention the general and basic maintenance principles, which we will explain below.

Place of installation: The place of installation of hand-woven carpets should be far away from harmful factors, but what factors are related to the place of installation of carpets? Factors such as high light, dust in the case of being close to the window, heat due to being close to the kitchen or kitchen, humidity due to being close to humid places such as the bathroom, etc.
Covering the carpet: if you are not using the carpet, be sure to cover it. For this purpose, preferably use colorless fabrics, plastic can cause corrosion or increase the humidity of the carpet.
Collecting the carpet panel: after removing the carpet panel, it is better to roll it and store it in a leveled form so that there are no traces of folding on it. As a result of folding carpets or carpet panels, breakage occurs in them.

Factors of damage to carpet panels

According to the things mentioned above, the factors that damage the hand-woven carpet can be divided into the following categories:

Unpredictable factors: Unpredictable factors are actually factors in the environment, such as the famous dust in Ahvaz (Ahvaz carpet), humidity, heat in Khuzestan (Khuzestan carpet), light, heat, etc.
Animals and insects: willows, weevils, carpet beetles, termites, mice and other rodents are among the insects and animals that damage the fabric of the carpet.

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