Handmade in the country, Handmade in the province

Handmade carpets and paintings in East Azerbaijan province

فرش و تابلوفرش دستباف در استان آذربایجان شرقی

The current building stone of Tabriz dates back to the Sasanian and Ashkenazi periods. Of course, in the historical inscriptions and tablets left over from different periods of Tabriz’s history, despite having a very long civilization, it has been destroyed several times by natural factors such as hard earthquakes and invasions of the country. It is said that the first new construction was carried out by road of the Azad tribe, which was very famous among Yemenis, resulting in large palaces and walls in the city of Tabriz.

Handmade carpets and paintings in East Azerbaijan province
Handmade carpets and paintings in East Azerbaijan province
Tabriz is geographically oriented to the East and southeast at the end of the Tabriz plain and to the north to the AUN bin Ali and peck mountains of China, as well as to the Northeast to the Baba Baghi and deer mountains, to the east to the end of the neck and to the south to the Sahand mountain range. The town is bounded and enclosed by a large pit between the various mountains, bounded and enclosed on the west side by the dandruff of the river or Ajay Chai. Around the city there are also numerous rivers that pass.

The Mehran River, the bitter River and … Among these are the cities. The climate is dry, with hot, dry summers and cold winters. The summer heat of the city is greatly reduced by the presence of Mount Sahand. Despite this climate, livestock, trees, pastures and gardens are among the activities of the people of the city, and we will see changes in the economic situation and livelihood of the people due to the potential of employment.

A municipality was established in the town since 1286. The area of the city’s area is declared to be 24,451 square kilometers. Due to the good weather, the city has always provided many migration routes and this has provided the basis for social change in the city. Proximity to the northern, western and capital provinces has brought the city a strategic cultural, military and social position. The presence of numerous historical monuments and ancient history are among the features of the city.

It is located in an earthquake-prone area that has shaken the city repeatedly and has been mentioned in the history of complete destruction of the city. In the history of 1158 solar, the largest earthquake in Tabriz occurred. Of course, the city will be constantly exposed to earth movements due to the presence of surrounding faults and seismic belts.Buff in the province

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