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Feature of signature carpets

ویژگی تابلوفرش های امضا دار

The presence of signatures on handmade carpet boards gives the buyer the key to knowing the carpet designer. To verify the authenticity of any product and not only carpets and handmade carpets and machines, but all consumer goods and even food require a seal and approval. Various organizations guarantee this authenticity and health, including the standard organization, the Health Organization, and the Health Organization … He noted that special badges including health apples, ISO, standard badges and … They record the goods.

Handmade carpeting was attacked by fraudsters and fraudsters due to its high popularity and high economic value. Of course, with the direct communication of reputable stores with handmade carpet weaving teachers and owners of handmade carpet and carpet brands, this path was blocked, but many people are preyed on by these people due to ignorance and lack of knowledge of the original handmade carpet and suffer from some very high financial losses.

One of the important features of carpeting is the recognition of the designer’s master and the location of their texture. Designer professors register their own logo on the work by inserting a signature on the handmade carpet board or on the back of the handmade carpet board directly or connecting the cost of the work or label. The signatures of a handmade carpet can be in the traditional way mentioned above and can also be digitally using the QR code registered in the product label or ID.

Signature carpets are original handmade carpets, but among the car carpets of prominent companies and brands, signature carpets are also seen. Here we have to declare the difference between the signature of the work and the seal or special emblem, which is the signature of a work defined for the person and the authentic confirmation, whereas the seal for a set and as a symbol of a team or company refers to that goods registered or in general to all products produced thereof.

The following titles can be used to define the characteristics of handmade signature carpets:

The yarn of the original carpets is made of silk, fluff and other high-quality yarns.
The appearance of the handmade carpet board is very regular, a shape and shine.
The signature is registered on the front or back of the work and does not damage the texture of the carpet.
There are nodes behind the effect that are irregular.
In handmade carpets, payment is made in a seamless manner except in prominent role carpets, where asymmetrical effects are seen.
And …
Carpet paintings include a wide range of designs, in different categories such as nature, animal, historical and religious places, flowers and baskets, authentic Iranian designs, international designs and other nations … They have presented unique and unrepeatable works. Signature carpets are known as luxurious and valuable works symbolizing the rich history and culture of Iran.

The Iranian carpet gallery is proud to present all its products, including carpets and handmade carpets, in cash and installments, to our dear compatriots. For free telephone and in-person advice and more information about the series, please visit the About Us page.

Signature carpets offer elegance, originality, beauty and creativity in the context of delicate knots and textures, and famous artists turn to a point of connection to create connection and guarantee their art, through which they authenticate this late art. It doesn’t matter if the Iranian design is the culture of nations or Islam, all of this is behind the curtain of Iranian art and will be the backdrop of the year of solidarity between art friends and artists.

The exhibition of this art in plain sight is a testament to this solidarity and thousands of exhibitions are held annually around the world to showcase this original art. Signature carpet samples from Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Harris, Kashan, Qom and other cities are present to participate in these exhibitions. These paintings illustrate the culture and history behind this beautiful and flawless art.

All the texture information or concept of a signed handmade carpet board is included in its ID. In carpets with digital signatures, the QR code is somewhere inside the ID card and after the title of the yarn, the yarn, the type of weaving, the place of weaving, the master of weaving, the time of weaving and so on … The designer will enter all this information in a special code or ID along with the signature or seal of the collection or brand.

However, there is also the possibility of fraud in the sale of exquisite samples, so the best thing to do is to buy from authorized places. If it is not possible to buy in person, many stores have made it possible to buy online for the well-being of their customers, who will reach the sample of the carpet they want in the shortest possible time.

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