When you are looking to buy handmade carpets it will be the first way to search the internet. You’ll see many stores that will definitely not only not help you buy, but will also cause you more confusion and confusion. But if you have the basic information or parameters to buy handmade carpets, it will be easier for you to buy and less of your error percentage to choose the product you want according to your circumstances.

Guide to buying carpets and handmade carpets in Iran
Guide to buying carpets and handmade carpets in Iran
Before you go into the process of choosing a product and verifying its authenticity, you need to know what a good carpet has, find out the differences between different carpets and find out from reputable stores. Here we have prepared this information for you and provided ways to distinguish quality carpets from low quality carpets such carpets that are fake from authentic carpets for our esteemed customers:

Handmade carpet yarn
The first and most important option in the study of handmade carpets is cotton, with which the carpet is woven. Carpet threads, namely, threads and threads, must be made of high-quality threads. Some teachers consider carpets made of a pure wool or silk yarn to be more expensive and desirable than a combination of fluff and Silk. But the combined samples of these two threads have been very successful and have countless advantages.

Handmade carpet all wool
Carpets woven from wool have high resistance to pressure and decay and react less to moisture. All-wool carpets weigh more than other types,and their design is less delicate and clean because of the yarn. The price of handmade carpets for all wool is lower than silk or a combination of silk and silk and is less in the export category.

Handmade carpet with wool.
There are also types of carpets with wool lint, with only wool, and the thread can be even silk or both. This style of carpet also has similar features to all-wool carpets, except that the design implemented will be more neat and elegant.

Handmade carpet all silk
The most precious types of handmade carpets are all-silk carpets. In all silk carpets, the knots and threads are both made of silk and of the highest quality. Usually, all-silk carpets fall into the category of fine-woven carpets. The elegance of these handmade carpets is exemplary and is considered a valuable export carpet. As a result, the price of this luxury artwork is higher than other handmade carpets.

The silk carpet.
Silk carpets are made of silk, silk and silk, and due to the high strength of this thread, this style of carpet is also placed at high levels both in terms of price and quality.

Silk floor rug
This carpet is made of silk yarn and is made of wool yarn. The quality of this carpet is also high, but the price is lower than all-silk carpets.

The silk carpet.
In classic designs and drawings, Flowers play a very important role in the overall design. According to this special attention, the flowers on the map will be some handmade carpets made of silk and the rest of the design will be made of Cork and wool. This weaving model is very difficult, and weavers give preference to one-of-a-kind weaving. The economic value of this fine art is inferior to other types.

Type of knot or handmade carpet weaving
Another thing that is very important when buying handmade carpets is the type of weaving or knot of handmade carpets. Knots also determine the final shape of the carpet, and today two types of Turkish knots and Persian knots are the most common.

Turkish knot
The Turkish knot is a symmetrical knot or two-knot weaving style knot of Tabriz or Azerbaijani weavers, although it is not limited to those areas today and is also used in other places. The Turkish knot is woven and the delicate and versatile designs are woven by this type of knot. Carpets woven with Turkish knots are of high strength and quality, resulting in a higher price than other types. Generally lint are carpets with a short Turkish knot or so-called Velvet lint.

Persian knot
A Persian knot or asymmetrical knot is another type of handmade carpet knot, usually woven with all-wool carpets or wool lint with a coarse grain texture. The problem with the Persian knot is the interconnection of wool or a pair of braids or counterfeit tissue in the carpet, which reduces the resistance of the carpet to tension and can easily arrange carpet tearing. Designs woven by Persian knots are coarse designs.

The size of the handmade carpet.
One of the important things when buying handmade carpets is to check the dimensions and size of handmade carpets. The larger the dimensions of the handmade carpet, the more expensive it will be. The large dimensions of the material will be more consumable. One way to identify the correct dimensions and size of the carpet is to fold and examine the symmetry between the two carpet heads and the size of the distance between the upper edge of the carpet and the middle of the carpet, which should be three centimeters. The completion of the motifs and the two mentioned designs also have a significant impact on determining the price of handmade carpets.

Handmade carpet design and layout
The complexity, elegance, crowding or seclusion of the design and the type of map, both classic, miniature, modern and … It is an important factor in determining the price and value of carpets. If the designs are not implemented correctly, the price of the carpet will be significantly reduced.

Number of colors and types of paint used in handmade carpets
The Bachelor of handmade carpets examines the coloring and even display of handmade carpets in different lights and different angles of light radiation. The point is that the darker the handmade carpet is seen in the KhAB direction. The stability and uniformity of the color in the background or in the same shapes and the absence of two colors in handmade carpets are also important factors in the valuation of carpets.

Tips for buying better handmade carpets
Here are some recommendations from the Iranian carpet gallery in Ahvaz to buy better handmade carpets:

Buy handmade carpets from reputable stores or authorized dealerships.
If you buy used handmade carpets, be sure to check the authenticity of the goods by experts.
Make sure the information on the carpet ID is correct.
Avoid buying handmade carpets of unusual dimensions and shapes.
The repaired parts of the handmade carpet have a rough and rough texture relative to other parts of it.
When buying, be sure to check the height of the leaflets.
Your carpet of choice should be chosen according to the location of the decoration and be sure to consider the dimensions of the use before buying.
Preferably avoid placing the base of the sofa and table or heavy equipment on handmade carpets.
The appearance of handmade carpets
The appearance of the carpet depends to a large extent on the material of the handmade carpet. Protrusion or threading is more noticeable in carpets with woolen fabric. The more delicate the handmade carpet is, the better the appearance. Carpet decay is also one of the things that affects the appearance of carpets. If you buy second-hand carpets, be sure to check the location of the carpet if available.