The auction of the handmade carpet

The experience of buying at an auction is a very sweet experience that companies and business groups provide for their customers. Although the nature of auctions is to promote and increase sales of these business groups, it will be a good place to buy high-value goods and tempt people to buy this experience. The cheapest product price is the most important component of these sales festivals.

The auction of the cheapest handmade carpets at the Iran Ahvaz carpet gallery is an example of the auction of Iranian handmade carpets. This special handmade carpet auction will apply to all designs and categories. To buy cheaper than anywhere else, simply visit the Iranian carpet store or the website of the store of this collection. The experience of buying from the real auction of handmade carpet is a gift that the Iranian carpet business group brings to you.

السجاد اليدوي هوية إيران الثقافية

The use of auctions

When you attend an online auction or a store auction you will encounter many terms which we will introduce below to the nature of each of these terms so that you can use them well when announcing each :

Festival: a handmade carpet festival is a carpet collection that allows customers and enthusiasts to buy their products at the lowest market price in order to display specific and exquisite goods. At the special sales festivals of handmade carpeting of Iranian carpets, all products will be offered at an incredible price.
Group discount: group discount for handmade carpet means that you will be subject to a special discount for handmade carpet from the Iranian carpet store in Ahvaz by buying several people or several simultaneous purchases.
End-of-season auction: many stores offer special discounts and many for their customers at the end of each season to celebrate the arrival of the new season.
Chance round: get a special chance to buy handmade carpet with an incredible discount through the chance round. the site of the Iranian carpet shop is also one of the ways to buy cheap Iranian handmade carpet board.
Afar: the store uses Afars for various reasons, afar handmade carpet board and a few percent decrease in its sales price are among the items that the Iranian carpet store offers to its esteemed customers on various occasions.
Black Friday: Black Friday or Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving or the last Friday in November, with discounts of up to 70% on marketable goods worldwide.
Below market price: to buy a handmade carpet board below market price, simply participate in the auction of the Iranian carpet gallery at the appointed time. Buying handmade carpets is cheaper than all the stores that sell master weaving carpets, which the Iranian carpet gallery provides in order to attract the satisfaction and well-being of its customers.
Invoice price: a sale with an invoice price is a matter that is generally considered by the store in case of an emergency or in order to apply the lowest sales price( sale without profit) and the highest percentage discount. The price of the invoice is actually the amount that the seller bought the product with that amount from the manufacturer. In sales without intermediaries, the seller sells the goods with a much lower percentage of profit by eliminating the brokerage price.

Permanent exhibition of handmade carpets

The Iranian carpet store located in Ahvaz is a permanent exhibition of fine handmade carpets and tablecloths, which offers special discounts to its customers at different occasions and times. These discounts are available in the form of coupons, discounts from the site’s lucky round, direct purchases and in-person purchases from the store. The ceiling of the discount of handmade carpets in the auctions of handmade carpets of the Iranian carpet collection will be published on each occasion through the site and public announcement.
Handmade carpet exhibition

You may also need a complete set of designs and drawings to buy an Iranian carpet or handmade carpet. The presence of a handmade carpet exhibition, despite the guarantee of authenticity of the goods and also the product warranty, allows you to buy safely and conveniently. The Iran carpet exhibition provides a great opportunity for this safe and guaranteed purchase and the auction of handmade carpeting is available at the Iran carpet exhibition.

نمایشگاه حراج فرش دستباف در ایران

Address of the handmade carpet exhibition

To find the address of the carpet exhibition in Ahvaz, simply search for the same title in the browser and find the addresses of active stores at the city level. The address of the Iran handmade carpet exhibition located in Ahvaz, kianpars, is a secure local ceremonial complex for guaranteed purchase and special goods. To get the website address and internet address of this carpet collection, simply search for the word Iranian carpet in Ahvaz.
Contact number of the Iranian carpet exhibition

Another way to get information about handmade carpets and boards is to buy handmade carpets and boards over the phone or online at handmade carpet and boards stores. For more information about the auction of handmade carpets and their direct purchase by phone or virtual numbers, you can contact the numbers listed in the Iranian carpet store in Ahvaz.
Gallery of handmade carpets

A handmade carpet gallery is a place where you can easily achieve your favorite style. You’ll find a variety of original handmade paintings, including modern style paintings and classic and traditional style paintings, in the gallery of handmade paintings. The gallery of handmade carpets of Iran in Ahvaz city provides a fine collection of handmade carpets to interested and valued customers and accompanies them in a cost-effective and satisfactory purchase.
Handmade carpet festival

The auction of the cheapest handmade carpeting usually takes place at the handmade carpeting festival. At the handmade carpet special sale festival, buyers will have the opportunity to pay much less than the original amount of an Iranian brand handmade carpet while confronting the complete set of handmade carpets. The handmade carpet festival at the Iran Ahvaz carpet gallery provides you with an exceptional opportunity and an unrepeatable purchase to buy a handmade carpet.