The purchase price of Napoleon’s wedding vertical hand-woven carpet

Important events and gatherings of Bazm have been other designs and inspirations for sketching the design of paintings and image designers. In addition, many elders used painters, poets and writers to record their actions in history. In this way, the history was recorded in an illustrated and written form and remains a memory for future generations. But how much could these pictures or writings affect the viewer or reader? Naturally, the more realistic it is, the more effective it will be.

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Many kings whose names are included in the list of the country’s conquerors and influencers of history. Napoleon Bonaparte, the emperor of France, is one of these kings. This king, who is also called the father of Europe, was noticed by historians and writers in many ways, including the most capable and powerful war commander of France. He, who was an educated person and a politician, came from a family of Italian origin and came to this country during the period of Louis XVI, the ruler of France.

Due to Napoleon Bonaparte’s many services to the country and people of France, many pictures, poems and historical texts were written in his description that what is available today has remained from that time.

It is natural that the behavior, actions and important issues of such an influential person are also taken into consideration by the image makers. Therefore, for his services, a picture of his marriage ceremony with Josephine Beauharnais was drawn in the date of registration and its role.

The hand-woven tapestry of Napoleon’s wedding design available in Iran Carpet Gallery in Darhawaz is a design by Aydin Jalali, which was woven in Tabriz with Turkish weave. Its fluff is made of fluff and silk, and its head is also made of silk. Its number of rows is 60 and its dimensions are 80×120 without including the dimensions of its wooden frame.


فرش ایران

طراح فرش دستباف

Aydin Jalali

جنس قاب


سایز فرش

130 x 80 cm

جنس چله فرش


نوع بافت

Turkish texture

جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

60 Reg

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    هنر و کیفیت در یکجا

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  3. حسین عبدی

    تابلو فرش‌های فرش ایران معنای واقعی هنر و صداقت هستند. همیشه با آن‌ها افتخار می‌کنم.

  4. روح الله خوئینی ها

    فرش‌های اینجا با دقت و حس انسانی دست‌بافته شده‌اند. هر قطره نخ داستانی دارد.

  5. اسماعیل سالاری (verified owner)

    تابلو فرش های سایتتون علامتی از ذوق و دقت هستند

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