The price of buying a hand-woven coronation carpet panel 54,800,000 تومان
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The price of buying a hand-woven carpet tapestry 47,000,000 تومان

The price of buying a hand-woven carpet of the coronation of Cyrus

In the history and civilization of thousands of years, many Iranian kings have ruled this land. After the Aryans settled in this land and started the time of their settlement, they began to expand the scope of their rule and learn techniques and sciences. With the passing of many years, many dynasties emerged from this people, such as the Sassanians, Samanians, Achaemenians, etc. The Achaemenid dynasty or Achaemenians was one of the known governments with a large area of land under its rule.

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Many attribute the establishment of the Achaemenid government to Cyrus, the king of this dynasty. But the reason for paying special attention to this period of government was the existence of a management system and attention to special techniques and sciences and the progress of the land of Iran during that period. Naturally, following the successive successes of this government, the need to record events and functions is understandable. After the passing of years and studying the petroglyphs and realizing the glory of Cyrus’ reign, the artists were inspired by this and the result can be seen in today’s works.

The hand-woven tapestry of the coronation of Cyrus the Great is the introduction of this precious heritage. This beautiful work, which was designed and woven for lovers of the history of the glorious land of Iran, is a work of the Azerbaijani artist Master Mortazavi. This art of Tabriz has presented an eye-catching work to the people who want it with its Turkish texture and the combination of completely vivid and natural colors. The material of the hand-woven tapestry of the coronation of Cyrus is made of fluff and silk and has a silk thread.

This tapestry is also woven from 60 rows and its dimensions are 100×150 without calculating the size of its wooden and inlaid frame. The hand-woven tapestry of Cyrus’ crowning design is available in Iran Carpet Gallery with all the specifications mentioned above. This tapestry is placed in the group of carpets of the Majlis design.


فرش ایران

طراح فرش دستباف

Professor Mortazavi

جنس قاب


سایز فرش

150 x 100 cm

نوع بافت

Turkish texture

جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

60 Reg

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