The price of the handmade carpet Board of the bird parrot pernian

16,500,000 تومان

The pernian parrot handmade carpet has an acceptable ranking among handmade carpets with all quality measurement scales and was able to achieve an outstanding ranking among fans of Iranian handmade carpets.

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Have you ever wondered what items and elements to consider when buying a good carpet board? Or what are the characteristics of a good upholstery? In order for a handmade carpet to achieve an acceptable ranking, it must be distinguished in several sectors. In fact, these parameters are the scale of the measurement of the size of a carpet board, which is compared to these items and the parameters of two handmade carpet boards and are better generalized. The following titles are examples of these parameters:

Carpet material: handmade carpet material is actually the same type of yarn that is generally the best handmade carpet material woven from Fluff, silk, or a combination of the two. Usually, silk-woven upholstery has a higher economic value.
Carpet price: the price of handmade carpet depends on several factors, from which the material and the material of the thread are mentioned. Of course, the texture of the handmade carpet is also effective in its pricing.
The type of design used in it: the handmade carpet board map is one of the important items in its texture, and usually special and single designs designed by masters called add value to the carpet board.
Type of weaving: in our country, there are two common types of Persian and Turkish weaving, where carpets and handmade carpets with Turkish weaving are generally more expensive due to the symmetry of the knots and its higher strength.
Carpet size: the dimensions of a handmade carpet are also factors that affect its economic value and how successful the design implemented in those dimensions can be will affect its popularity.
Number of rugs: one of the standards in handmade rugs is the number of rugs, where generally handmade rugs are 60 rugs, a scale of measurement of other handmade rugs.
Carpet shape: handmade carpet shape, both rectangular, square, circular and … The vertical or horizontal nature of a rectangular carpet can also affect its quality and economic value.

جنس قاب


سایز فرش

50 by 80.

جنس چله فرش


جنس پرز

Fluff and silk

نوع بافت

Turkish texture

محل بافت فرش


رج فرش

60 Reg


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