Conditions and methods of sending handmade carpets
Sometimes our path leads to online and online shopping, or after buying a product, it is not possible to carry it with may even have to buy a device by phone( such as buying parts of a device from sales representatives), all of which requires the use of a variety of shipping methods that you must use according to the time, volume of the package sent, origin and destination of receipt and delivery of the mail package.

Traditional and modern methods that were used before and have been used to this day can be considered as follows:

Use of printing presses in distant times
Shipping with horse and camel caravans.
Delivery by intercity cars that continue to this day
Delivery by public transport systems such as buses and aircraft that continue to this day
Send by post
Types of posts
Today, the post office in our country has included numerous ways to transport and send postal packages in its list of activities, although postal offices in these methods have limitations such as weight, high economic value and … They’re faced with informing the applicant of the package when they receive it. But the most common postal methods are as follows:

Regular mail: in the regular mail method, messages are collected and distributed through mailboxes, which are one of the oldest methods of sending mail packages. Today, it is used in some parts of the world to send letters or paper presses.
Courier: Courier is the fastest way to ship goods, delivering the package within 24 hours to 48 hours( Business Day).
Custom Mail: one of the safest and fastest ways to send mail is custom mail.
Express post: in this method, the post will be sent for an additional package fee in priority and with preference over other packages.
Two-Bill Post: this is done for sensitive packages at a higher cost than other methods.
Tpax: tpax has greatly shortened and accelerated the process of sending postal packages with shipping and receiving services in its offices across the country.
Mailing: this mailing method was created for lost documents and documents and to return it to the owners. For this purpose, the applicant must submit the application for submission of documents if they are found by visiting the post office and filling out the relevant form.
Mail insurance
The goods or packages are sent through several routes to reach their destination. Meanwhile, the package may have problems, including tearing and damage to the packaging and … It is. To resolve this, the insurance will be covered by the post office or by traditional means. The amount of insurance that is determined for these packages will be determined according to its economic value and in case of damage, part of the cost will be compensated according to the damage.

At the post office all postal messages will be insured and in some cases it will be possible to send a package of high economic value( such as gold and jewelry, cash and … It doesn’t exist in some cities or it’s hard to do.

Payment in advance
When shopping online, many stores ask for the full amount to be paid before sending the goods, which increased the discussion of internet fraud. So make sure that the site and store are correct in advance and then make a purchase. In an in-person purchase, the seller receives the full amount of the goods sold in cash sale and in the event of an installment sale, he receives the amount of advance payment or purchase guarantee.

In some online purchases, it is also possible to buy goods in installments, in which case the amount of the goods will be sent to the buyer by sending documents and documents, as well as the amount of the advance payment of the goods by the seller. In any type of purchase, after the payment of the amount of the goods, the seller is obliged to provide a receipt or sales invoice, and in cases where the seller sends the goods to the buyer, he is obliged to send a postal tracking code or other information related to the shipping system.

Tracking code for the postal package and receipt.
A postal tracking code or postal tracking code is one of the important items when sending postal messages, whereby the sender and receiver from the path of the postal package, the time of arrival of the postal package, causing problems or obstacles in the path of sending, returning or returning the package, and so on … If this code is not available, it will not be possible to deliver the goods in some cases. The seller, as the sender, is obliged to provide this code to the buyer after sending the goods so that it can be followed up if the package is missing.

One of the important things that a buyer should pay attention to is a receipt or purchase invoice, which if not available, no claim is acceptable on the part of the buyer, and if there is a problem with judicial prosecution, the receipt will be paid, or the seller can refrain from this action if it is necessary to replace or retrieve the goods.

Payment at the door
Door-to-door payment is one of the services that sellers provide to satisfy customers and give them confidence and guarantee. In this case, the buyer will make a purchase with confidence and no amount will be exchanged between the buyer and the seller until the goods reach him.

Conditions and methods of submitting an Iranian carpet gallery
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