Shopping for handmade carpets️ shopping for handmade silk carpets
Buying a carpet can be tasteful or mandatory. But in any case, a shopping experience with ideal conditions is something that will always be a favorite. Buying a beautiful, unique gift like a handmade carpet is definitely one of the best options for you. Handmade carpeting with different designs and categories can be presented for any type of personality and any taste. Finding a store to buy this exquisite gift or buying a handmade carpet in installments will also be important in the eyes of a handmade carpet buyer.

The purchase of installments
In many cases, you will be interested in buying a product such as a handmade carpet, but at that time you cannot pay the full amount for any reason, at this time, stores will provide installment shopping services for their products, taking into account the well-being of customers. In installment purchases, the customer presents part of the total amount in advance and pays the rest in several installments. In some cases, the store delivers the goods to the customer without the advance payment.

In general, most stores set the conditions for installment purchases according to their field of work and cooperate with customers accordingly. Here are some ways to buy installments:

By prepayment: usually, stores set a percentage of the total amount plus interest as a prepayment and receive the goods before delivery or as a contract as a promissory note.
This section says that :

Final amount= total amount + commodity interest

No advance payment: in the purchase without advance payment, the store or seller does not receive any money before the purchase of the goods and the final amount will be divided in the prescribed months of payment of the installments. In this form of installment purchase, the interest can be increased or decreased by increasing the number of months of payment.
In installment purchases, we will encounter a booklet called the installment booklet or installment booklet, which will include all your payment information, including the amount of the installment and the time of payment, and the balance will be added after that. The installment book can be electronic or paper. It should be noted that the payment receipt plus the stamp in the installment book will be the guarantee and commitment of the seller in exchange for receiving your payment amounts, otherwise it will be of no legal value.

The identity of a store will be determined by customers ‘ satisfaction with the trade exchanges. So ensuring a purchase and customer comfort can also be effective in this increase in satisfaction. The demand for installment purchases in large cities of the country such as Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Kerman, bejnord, Birjand, Ardabil, Tabriz, urumiya, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, khurramabad, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Yazd, sharkard, Yasuj, Arak and so on … It is much more demanding given their high population.

The carpet board.
The purchase of carpeting is one of the requests of those interested in the art of carpeting and handmade carpeting. The purchase of installment carpeting is also possible in the above ways. It is also possible to buy an installment carpet board in the Iranian carpet gallery located in Ahvaz. The collection provides the purchase of installment carpeting using both a fishing check and a monthly payment method. The percentage of advance payments offered by customers is also announced according to the total amount and the overall profit is very low.

The carpet is installment.
Buying handmade carpets is also a popular item in every Iranian home. The carpet is actually the identity of the Iranian House, and in a way it defines the lifestyle of the people of this Diyar, this precious commodity, which is a memorial to the women and girls of Iranian artists, is today in its true position and is sold as a unique achievement. The transformation and creative entry of weavers and designers into Iranian handmade carpets has been a turning point in the history of handmade carpets in the world.

The best way to buy handmade carpets and the best way to buy handmade carpets is actually to buy the best handmade carpets and carpets, which in a purchase you buy a product of authenticity with ease and you will have the experience of a fully guaranteed purchase. The best way to buy handmade carpets or the best way to buy handmade carpets will be determined by your economic ability and commuting to the store in question.

Buy a handmade carpet.
The method of buying handmade carpets in stores is different, but today both in-person purchases of handmade carpets and in-person purchases of handmade carpets are available to the general public.

Buying handmade carpets
In the purchase of Iranian handmade carpets or in general, the purchase of handmade carpets should be a preliminary acquaintance of carpets and cities in the field of carpets. It should be said that generally handmade carpets from the cities of Kashan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Harris, Farhan and … It’s a world-class title.Before buying a carpet, you should know how to weave it and the specific designs of the climate. The pricing of handmade carpets will vary from city to city.

So the value of buying handmade carpets is only done by experts in this field. In case you have a desire to know the value of your purchased carpet, you should seek help from these people. In general, the value of your purchase is based on different parameters, including the location of the weave, the type of weave, the method of buying handmade carpets, and so on … It’s going to be determined that it’s up to you and the seller, and it’s actually a contract between the two of you.

Today, one of the easy ways to buy handmade carpets is to buy Iranian handmade carpets online, which will be among the non-presentive purchases of handmade carpets, which we will continue to explain in detail the ways to buy Iranian handmade carpets. But an ideal and unique purchase will be possible when the shortest time to buy and Best Buy handmade carpets occurs, and these two will be possible in the Iranian carpet store.

In-person shopping
In the process of buying handmade carpets or handmade carpets in person, the buyer purchases the design and product he wants by visiting the location of reputable stores. In this method of purchase, the seller announces the conditions and methods of purchase and if the buyer wishes to buy in installments, they receive the advance payment or the check and the purchase guarantee. In an in-person purchase, the customer can see the goods up close and the decision-making space will be wider.

In-person shopping
In the offline purchase of handmade carpets and handmade carpets, several modes can be introduced, which we will describe below:

Online shopping for handmade carpets, online shopping for handmade carpets: in online shopping, the buyer selects the item he wants by visiting the online store or the online store of carpets and records the order in the shopping cart.
Remote purchase of handmade carpets, remote purchase of handmade carpets: remote purchase is actually the same as telephone purchase without visiting the website or online store. During the phone purchase of carpets or handmade carpets, you first need to know what design and style you are looking for or send a picture of the design to the store so that they can guide you in a safe purchase.
Benefits of buying carpets from Iranian carpet stores
Iranian carpet store in Ahvaz despite providing a platform for in-person purchases and in-person purchases of carpets, carpets, carpets and … With the guarantee of authenticity of the goods and the shortest possible time, the handmade service has provided the trust of the esteemed customers alongside its sales contract. We’re going to introduce you to these services.:

Handmade carpet washing and handmade carpet painting services in the Iranian carpet store
Free installation and delivery of handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards in the Iranian carpet store
Providing a warranty card alongside the sale of handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards in the Iranian carpet store
Refu, repair and staining of handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards in the Iranian carpet store
Insurance for sending handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards in the Iranian carpet store
Matching packaging of carpets and handmade carpet boards in the Iranian carpet store
Indirect purchase of handmade carpets and handmade carpets in the Iranian carpet store
Aman installment purchase of handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards in the Iranian carpet store
Payment of the designated fee or the price of a carpet or handmade carpet board in the Iranian carpet store is possible in several ways. It doesn’t matter what city you buy from, from Ahvaz, Dezful, Abadan, Mahshahr, shushter and … In the province of Khuzestan, from the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Azerbaijan, Bushehr, Ardabil, Khorasan, central, larestan, Persia, Sistan and Balochistan, Kermanshah and Kurdistan, cholhal and boyrakhmed, Kerman, Mazandaran and Gilan, Gulistan and … All and all of these designs are presented,you will be.

Our payment methods are of the following types:

Cash payments
Online payment
Pay by day check
Payment in installments
Payment by credit card
Each method of payment for carpets and handmade carpets will be selected according to your type of purchase or your economic description. It should be noted that the Iranian carpet store has made it possible for all customers to use these different payment methods.

Shopping in global markets
The presence of Iranian handmade carpets in global markets was accompanied by a boom in exports since the expansion of communication routes such as the Silk Road, to the point that in many countries Iranian carpets are used as their official gifts and used as the main accessory in home decoration. In this context, it can be said with confidence that the markets of the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, the UAE, the United Kingdom and so on … They’re very influenced by Iranian carpet exports.