Export of handmade carpets️ export of handmade silk carpets
In principle, exports are one of the ways of communication between different nations that has been associated with Man since his creation. Our country Iran has put on its list of export goods due to its reputation for the land of several climates that do not have a counterpart in the world. Exporting a commodity brings currency into the country and helps to move the wheel of the country’s economy. Food, handicrafts, dryers, oil and so on … Among the things that our country exports are busy.

Export of handmade carpets in Iran carpets handmade Gallery in the world

Among the exported goods, several goods in the world are registered in the name of Iran and have the largest share in the list of goods excluded from the country. Saffron, pistachios, carpets, crude oil and gas are among the most important export commodities on this list. Iranian handmade carpets and paintings with antique samples in the Great Museums of London, Paris and … They are among the most popular non-essential commodities in the field of exports to other countries in the world.

Many companies are interested in expanding their scope of activity and having trade exchanges with other countries. Exports follow this path for these companies, and of course, creating representation for production groups can be just as important and valuable. But where do we start to start the export route? The following steps are very important for this operation:

Obtaining a license and a company registration license
Membership in the Chamber of Commerce
Getting a business card.
Getting the tariff number.
Export laws are very broad, and you have to consider international trade laws in this way. It should be noted that only goods are placed on the export list that are approved by the world standards or standards of the destination country, otherwise they will not be allowed to leave the country of origin or will be accepted in the destination country. Before exporting, a list of countries that are licensed to trade with the country of origin must also be checked.