Conditions of handmade carpets in installments️ methods of installments of handmade silk carpets in Tabriz
When shopping online, many stores ask for the full amount to be paid before sending the goods, which increased the discussion of internet fraud. So make sure that the site and store are correct in advance and then make a purchase. In an in-person purchase, the seller receives the full amount of the goods sold in cash sale and in the event of an installment sale, he receives the amount of advance payment or purchase guarantee.

In this method, the buyer will also make a transaction with the seller or intermediary, which will pay the total amount of the invoice in several stages in cash or by providing a check and a deposit.

In some online purchases, it is also possible to buy goods in installments, in which case the amount of the goods will be sent to the buyer by sending documents and documents, as well as the amount of the advance payment of the goods by the seller. In any type of purchase, after the payment of the amount of the goods, the seller is obliged to provide a receipt or sales invoice, and in cases where the seller sends the goods to the buyer, he is obliged to send a postal tracking code or other information related to the shipping system.

Multi-stage payment terms at the Iranian carpet gallery
The Iranian carpet gallery in Khuzestan province and Ahvaz city has provided an installment payment method or multi-stage payment method using a fishing check in order to cooperate with buyers and enthusiasts of Iranian handmade carpets and Paintings. This is the method of payment without receiving any surplus interest or interest on the total amount of the carpet or handmade carpet. The purchase of the installment carpet board was made available at the Iranian carpet gallery in Ahvaz.

Gallery of Iranian carpets in Ahvaz in several stages up to 3 or 4 months without receiving profits handmade carpets or handmade carpets of your choice, along with a warranty card and guarantee of authenticity of the goods, as well as your benefit from all after-sales services of this store, by its safe and special packaging, with free shipping. In addition to covering the purchase of the most remote parts of the country, the collection has provided the delivery of goods abroad and the possibility of online shopping around the world.

Multi-stage payment method or installment method of buying carpets and handmade carpets in the carpet gallery of Iran is not limited to Khuzestan province and Ahvaz city. This method is also possible in the online purchase method from the online store of this collection and in the in-person purchase method from the store located in the city of Ahvaz.