Handmade carpet testing and referral methods
One of the things that is used when buying goods, especially expensive items or items used in decoration, is the desire to test the amount of the value of the goods in advance. Just as many of us have encountered food testers in stores or restaurants, tools and consumer or decorative goods can also be pre-tested. Many stores have made it possible for their customers.

In contrast, the customer may also have problems with the goods after the purchase for reasons such as the presence of problems in the goods( fracture, rupture, tear, burning of electrical goods and so on… ), Mismatch with other decoration sets and … He did not have the full Wright of his purchase and decided to return the purchased goods. It is possible to return the goods if the customer has not damaged the goods( this is possible according to the opinion of the seller and the store and is not mandatory in its implementation.).

Apart from food and hygiene products, there is no judicial ban on the return of other goods and we do not have public needs. In each category, there is a special method for testing it, depending on the type of product. For example, in corrupt materials, only the buyer has up to 24 hours to return the purchased goods, there will be no return on the electrical appliance exchange if the plumbing or testing is confused in the store.

On general store sites, usually if the goods have been damaged after reaching the customer’s hand or the box and its packaging are confused, torn or… It’s possible to refer it back. Many stores offer the possibility of returning the purchased goods within a certain period of time when buying in person and online in order to satisfy customers so that if the customer does not feel satisfied or regrets his purchase, he can request a refund.

Methods of testing goods
As mentioned, providing the possibility of testing goods is one of the things that the seller of goods has provided for their customers to help them choose and buy satisfactorily. We will introduce the types of testing methods for goods and consumables in different categories:

Restaurants: restaurants generally offer descriptive menus( with explanations of food ingredients) and images of food to promote their products. In some restaurants, they put small pieces of food in a serving tray for the general public to choose their food based on taste.
Grocery store: grocery stores generally offer food and plumbed foods with brand introduction and it is not possible to test these items.
Household appliances: in home appliance stores, due to the warranty and warranty with the goods, there is a limitation on the jaw plumbing for testing tools and accessories, but in contrast, the manufacturer provides a sense of satisfaction for the buyer by ensuring the health of the device and providing after-sales service.
Decoration: home accessories and decorative items also require recognition and examination to be in the right place at times. We’re going to introduce the methods of testing carpets and handmade carpets in home decoration as a beauty tool.
Interior design: interior designers generally use design applications and software to examine the color, wallpaper, partitions, and so on, according to the metering of the house and the placement of the walls … They will provide the client with a background of the applicable design.
Cosmetics and hygiene: cosmetics companies have in recent years put Tester boxes on their agenda for marketing and presentation to dealerships, allowing consumers to buy cosmetics before buying quality, color and … Make sure the product.
Clothing: surely the most tangible method of pre-purchase testing is Peruvian clothing, which has happened to all people. For years, stores have been providing Peruvian clothing for their customers to ensure the size and tone of the clothing before paying.
Return methods
We talked earlier about the reasons that can make the return of goods acceptable. The return of goods in the market is generally due to reasons such as fractures in the body of the fragile goods, tears in the fabric goods, malfunctions in electrical goods( such as burning or not lighting), damage to the packaging of the goods sent, expiration date in food, corruption in food and sanitary products, and so on … All of the reasons that will lead to the return of goods.

In the purchase of goods in person, the return of goods purchased in person is definitely done, and if you buy online, online stores can return the purchase by contacting the site’s backer directly and verifying the claim.

Methods of testing and referencing handmade carpets and paintings in the Iranian carpet gallery
The Iranian carpet gallery located in Ahvaz has provided numerous services for the welfare of customers around the world. Together with interior design and design experts, the collection has made it possible to Pro and test several products of choice for valued customers, along with free shipping and installation. The store will also prepare the return bed for handmade carpets and handmade carpet boards purchased within a certain period of time and the payment will be refundable by providing a receipt.

The gallery of Iranian carpets located in Ahvaz city has paved the way to reach this exquisite product by introducing the methods of in-person purchases and online purchases of handmade carpets and carpets, and in case of dissatisfaction with its customers, it has provided the possibility of replacing or refunding the payment for loved ones. It should be noted that this store provides all the installation, transportation and pro services of the selected carpets completely free of charge to these dear ones.