Dezful is a city in Khuzestan province with a carpet branch in Khuzestan and the center of Dezful. Located on the banks of the Dez river, it is the second largest city in the province and the largest city in northern Khuzestan in terms of area and population. With a population of 264,709 in 1395, it was the thirty-first most populous city in Iran and the most populous center of the province out of 7 provincial centers.

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Located among the middle mountains of Zagros, Dezful dates back to the Sasanian period and was originally considered part of the territories of the Elamite and Achaemenid Kingdoms. The areas of Dezful have been inhabited for about 5 thousand years.

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Dezaful has Mediterranean winters and autumns, and its ecosystem is very green from late winter to early spring. With its plain and mountain ecosystem, the city welcomes many tourists all year round, especially during the days of Nowruz. The hottest and coldest month of the year in dezaful is Arrow and D respectively, with weather statistics showing that the lowest temperature in dezaful is 15 degrees and the highest is 45 degrees.

Dezaful was one of the most important cities of the 1357 Iranian Revolution and was attacked by Iraqi artillery many times during the Iran-Iraq War. Dezaful became known as the city of resistance and the capital of Iranian Resistance during this period due to the resistance of the people of this city during the war.

Dezaful; carpet and handmade carpet Board | buy-price-sale and expert advice
Dezaful; carpet and handmade carpet Board | buy-price-sale and expert advice
Buying a carpet in dezaful
Carpeting can be considered a bridge between the world of modern decoration and classic style decorations. With the introduction of new designs for carpet weaving and handmade carpet boards and the arrival of new color spectra, the weavers of this art quickly adapted to the conditions of the day. The beauty and eye-catching beauty of this enduring art and living designs, even the depiction of the soul-loving nature, became the reason for the handmade carpet to be the lifeblood of the Iranian House and exported it all over the world.

From the north to the south and from the west to the east of our country, a monolithic image of the art of carpet weaving was drawn. The handmade carpet board was also located between this latitude and longitude until the purchase of the carpet board in dezaful in all kinds of handmade structures, textile Tabriz, Isfahan textile, textile and… It was easy and we guarantee the quality of this product with our 15-year validity.

The Iranian carpet gallery located in the city of Dezful has introduced a safe and secure route for lovers and lovers of buying handmade carpet paintings in Dezful, which provides completely free services for both citizens and esteemed provinces. In fact, by buying a carpet board in dezaful, esteemed customers will benefit from on-site washing services for completely free, installation and free pro as well as free shipping.

The price of the carpet in dezaful
Different factors are involved in determining the price of handmade carpeting, but the most important of these can be generalized to the place of weaving and the person weaving. In Iran, our dear carpets and handmade carpet weaving are carried out in several areas, which is under the direct supervision of Masters named after this art such as Alizada, Arabzadeh and … They are.

Cities whose carpet weaving boards have an impact on pricing due to their special styles and the use of silk threads, such as Tabriz, Isfahan, Qom, Shiraz, Kashan and Kerman, are also added to price determination parameters. The relationship between these factors is the handwoven pattern of the carpet and its woven design, and naturally the price increases with the increase in the details of the design.

The issues that have been said are all influential in determining the price of handmade carpets, but handmade carpets are gold, and like gold, over time, not only do they not decrease in price, but they also increase in value. The price of the carpet in dezaful is also determined according to the above and all the designs can be ordered from the cities and master Karan. The gallery of Iranian carpets informs you about the price of handmade carpets in dezaful according to the desired design.

Carpet sales in dezaful
The paintings are drawn to the magic of the eyes of the audience with lasting designs. Designs that penetrate deep into the hearts of viewers and can keep your memory alive in the hearts of friends. It is an exquisite gift from the west to the East for the people of taste and art and the introduction of the great Iranian heritage to the world. The handmade Iranian carpet is a gift to the art of friends and a precious memory for those we love.

The sale of handmade carpet paintings is not limited to Iran and has many fans around the world, which is why it provided the reason for the emergence of modern or classic designs from other cultures, French design paintings or assemblies are examples of the contrast of cultures in the carpet industry. The sale of handmade carpet paintings in dezaful is another service of the Iranian carpet gallery in this city.

The sale of carpet paintings is done in Dezful and in the carpet gallery of Iran, and in this regard, any design and role that esteemed customers have in mind is prepared and presented to them.

Washing and painting in dezaful
Buyers of handmade carpet boards prefer to wash handmade carpet boards by specialists due to the sensitivity of the tissue. This minimizes damage to the carpet board, and the results of the carpet wash will be noticeable. Washing handmade carpet boards should be done very carefully, because in addition to the delicacy of the texture, the economic value of this product is high, which will be reduced in case of damage.

Carpet washing is done in dezaful at the Iranian carpet gallery. The collection, relying on its technical and specialized knowledge, has added handmade carpet washing in dezaful to its list of services for customers and buyers in a completely free and specialized way. It is worth noting that the operation is carried out at the place of interest of the esteemed buyers.

Carpets and handmade carpets of dezavol; purchase-price-sale and expert advice
Carpets and handmade carpets of dezavol; purchase-price-sale and expert advice
Free installation and Pro-Painting in Dezful
The carrying of carpets should be done as carefully as possible due to its elegance and high economic value, otherwise the texture of the carpet or its frame may be damaged. Carpeting is packed to move so that it is not damaged in the slightest way. After transporting the carpet board to the buyer’s location, another issue is the installation of the carpet board in the location that the customer introduces.

Free installation of carpet paintings in Dezful is another service, which is the collection of handmade carpet paintings such as the Iranian carpet gallery. The operation of carrying and installing the carpet board is also carried out completely free of charge in the carpet gallery of Iran. Another service available from this collection is the carpet board in dezaful according to the selection of customers in their place. So, customers can try all those designs at the desired location by selecting multiple models or carpet designs.

At the end, introduce your chosen painting to the gallery and benefit from the warranty service.

Replacing the carpet frame in dezaful
The beauty of the frame is a grace that doubles the glow of the hand-woven carpet. Carving on the figures of walnut and Beech sticks and… The keeper and helper of this imaginary handmade image. Inlaid, trimmed and polished designs are selected for the unrepeatable designs of Iranian handmade carpet boards.

One of the frequent requests of customers is to change or replace the frame of the purchased carpet board. This is requested either because it is not compatible with other household appliances or because it is not satisfied with the frame design. The possibility of replacing the carpet board frame for any reason is provided for the esteemed customers in the Iranian carpet gallery. The replacement of the carpet frame in Dezful is also done in the Iranian carpet gallery for the welfare of customers.

Buying Iranian handmade carpets in Dezful
The Iranian handmade carpet is a symbol of Iranian culture, art and originality, written on a chalet and introduces our seven thousand year history. To buy Iranian handmade carpets, you will not have a difficult path ahead. After choosing your favorite design and style on the site of reputable stores such as the Iranian carpet gallery, it is enough to buy Iranian handmade carpets in Dezful online or in person with different services, including: turning a photo into a handmade carpet board in Dezful.

Iranian handmade carpets sold in dezaful
Iranian handmade carpets are sold in dezaful. it’s easy to click. Iranian handmade carpets in the gallery of Iranian carpets of all designs and styles are also all the climates of Buffy carpets. The handmade carpet store also allows custom carpet weaving with the design of the great masters of the field. Simply visit the Iranian carpet gallery in dezaful to order.