Shush city is located on the Shavor river, in the western part of the Tehran-Ahvaz transit road, 150 km east of the Tigris river and at an altitude of 112 meters above sea level.

Shush city has “Ducheh”, “Kanzari” and “Fath Al-Mobin”, five cities and seven villages.

The ancient city of Susa was the center of the ancient civilization and one of the most famous cities in the world. It was the capital of the Elamite civilization and the winter capital of the Achaemenid Empire for thousands of years. Susa in the north of Khuzestan has a special geographical location and contains valuable and unique historical and religious monuments such as the shrine of Hazrat Daniyal (AS), the tomb of the poet Al-Bayt (AS), Dabal Khazai, Apadana, Acropolis and the city.

Shahi of Pishevaran city, ancient and world heritage in Chaghazanbil region, Haft Tepe is one of the tourist spots of Iran. The economic life of Sous city began with the construction of the main Tehran-Harmsakher road and the national railway. Dez Dam plays a significant role in the network of power transmission lines, modern irrigation system, agriculture and industries, especially Haft Tepe and huge industrial factories. Many factories, including sugar cane, paper, sugar factories and pasteurized milk, have a special place in the national economy and development of Iran. In Shush city, the role of service and commerce sector is more important than other sectors. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing are the most important economic activities of the region. Most of the residents of Sush are Arab, Ler (short or Lorestani) and Dezhfuli and speak Arabic, Lori, Dezhfuli and Farsi languages and dialects. Most of the people of Susa are Shiites. People belonging to Sunni sects such as Hanbali, Jabi and Hanafi also live in this country.

Farsh Khuzestan in the province with branches of Farsh Khuzestan is one of the scenic provinces of Iran, which is considered suitable for winter trips.

Considering the spring and Mediterranean climate in this province, Khuzestan is one of the important winter tourism destinations in the cold season of the year. If you travel to Khuzestan, don’t miss Sush and its huge historical treasures.

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Shush is one of the cities of Khuzestan province in the southwest of Iran. This city is 90 km from Ahvaz, the center of Khuzestan. Susa dates back to the first civilization of Iran, the civilization of Elam.

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According to Walter Heinz, the famous Elamologist, Susa is probably the same city that was known as Adamden in the Elam civilization. Excavations and ancient discoveries in Shushef show that human life in Shushef dates back to ten thousand years ago.

Free delivery of handmade carpets and rugs from Ahvaz to Shush

Free delivery of handmade carpets and rugs from Ahvaz to Shush

The weather in Susa in the second half of the year is mild and springy, and it is considered a very suitable option for travel and sightseeing. If public transportation is your option for traveling to Sush, there are several ways ahead of you. Bus, train and plane. Of course, if you choose the air route, you should know that since Shush city does not have an independent airport, you should use the airports of nearby cities. These are Ahvaz Airport, about 90 km from this city, and Dezful Airport, 60 km from Shush.

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If you decide to travel by car, you should know that Shush is 800 km away from Tehran and you have to drive for about 10 hours to reach this city.

Buying carpets in Shush

Carpets can be considered a bridge between the world of modern decoration and classic style decorations. With the introduction of new designs for weaving carpets and hand-woven carpets and the introduction of new color ranges, the weavers of this art quickly adapted to the current conditions. The beauty and eye-catchingness of this lasting art and vivid designs even portraying soulful nature became the reason that hand-woven tapestries became the life patch and adornment of Iranian homes and exported it all over the world.

From north to south and from west to east of our country, a unified image of carpet weaving art was drawn. Hand-woven carpets were undoubtedly placed between these longitudes and latitudes until it became easy to buy carpets in Shush in all types of hand-made structures, Tabriz Baft, Isfahan Baft, Qom Baft, etc., and the quality of this product is reliable. We guarantee it for 15 years.

Iran Carpet Gallery, located in the city of Shush, has introduced a safe and secure route for lovers of buying hand-woven carpets in Shush, which provides completely free services for both citizens and dear provincials. In fact, by buying carpets in Shush, our esteemed customers will benefit from free on-site washing services, free installation and processing, and free shipping.

The price of carpets in Shush

Different factors are involved in determining the price of hand-woven carpets, but the most important ones can be generalized to the place of weaving and the person of the weaver. In our dear Iran, carpet weaving and hand-woven tapestries are done in several regions, which are under the direct supervision of masters in the name of this art, such as Alizadeh, Arabzadeh, etc.

Cities whose woven carpets have an effect on pricing due to their special styles and the use of silk threads, such as: Tabriz, Isfahan, Qom, Shiraz, Kashan and Kerman, are also added to the price determination parameters. The main reason behind these factors is the hand-woven nature of the carpet and its woven design, naturally, with the increase of details in the design, its price also increases.

The mentioned issues are all influential in determining the price of hand-woven tapestries, but hand-woven tapestries are gold and like gold, with the passage of time, not only


Its price does not decrease, but its value also increases. The price of the carpet panel in Shush is also determined according to the above information and all designs can be ordered from the mentioned cities and masters. Iran Carpet Gallery informs you about the price of hand-woven carpet panels in Shush according to your desired design.

Sale of carpets in Shush

Carpets with lasting designs enchant the eyes of the audience. Designs that penetrate deep into the hearts of viewers and can keep your memory alive in the hearts of friends. It is an exquisite gift from the West to the East for the people of taste and art and introducing the heritage of Iran to the world. Iranian hand-woven tapestry is a gift to those who have seen the art of friends and a precious memory for those we love.

The sale of hand-woven carpets is not limited to Iran and has many fans all over the world, which is why it caused the emergence of modern or classic designs from other cultures. Is. Selling hand-woven carpets in Shush is another service of Iran Carpet Gallery in this city.

Carpets are sold in Shush and in the Iranian Carpet Gallery, and in this regard, any design and role that the esteemed customers have in mind is prepared and presented to them.

Carpet cleaning in Sush

Buyers of hand-woven carpets prefer that the washing of hand-woven carpets be done by experts due to the sensitivity of its texture. This will minimize the damage to the carpet and the results of washing the carpet will be significant. The washing of hand-woven tapestries must be done very carefully, the reason for this is the high economic value of this product, in addition to the delicacy of its texture, which is reduced in case of damage.

Carpet cleaning is done in Iran Carpet Gallery in Shush. Relying on its technical and specialized knowledge, this group has added hand-woven carpets in Shush completely free and professionally to its list of services for its valued customers and buyers. It is worth mentioning that this operation is carried out at the desired location of the esteemed buyers.

Free and professional carpet installation in Shush

Due to its elegance and high economic value, carpets should be transported with the utmost care, otherwise the texture of the carpet or its frame may be damaged. The carpets are packed for moving in such a way that the least damage is not done to it. After transporting the carpet to the desired location of the buyer, another issue arises and that is installing the carpet in the location that the customer introduces.

Free installation of carpets in Susa is another service that sells handwoven carpets, such as Iran Carpet Gallery. The operation of transporting the carpet and installing the carpet is also done completely free of charge in Iran Carpet Gallery. Another service that can be offered from this Pro collection is carpeting in Shush according to the choice of the customers in the place introduced by them. In this way, by choosing several models or carpet designs, customers can try all those selected designs in the desired location.

Also, you can have free delivery and services of Iranian carpets in the whole of Khuzestan from Dezful: purchase and price of carpets and rugs in Dezful, at the end, introduce your chosen panel to the gallery and benefit from warranty services.

Replacing the carpet frame in Shush

The beauty of the frame is a blessing that doubles the shine of the hand woven tapestry. Carving on the body of walnut and beech wood, which is the protector and helper of these fantastic hand-woven images. Inlaid, carved and polished designs are chosen for the unique designs of Iranian hand-woven carpets.

One of the frequent requests of customers is to change or replace the frame of the purchased carpet. This is requested either because it does not match with other home appliances or because of dissatisfaction with the design of the frame. The possibility of changing the frame of the carpets for any reason is provided for the esteemed customers in Farsh Iran. Carpet frame replacement in Shush is also done at Iran Carpet Gallery for the comfort of customers.

Buying Iranian hand-woven carpets in Shush

Iranian hand-woven carpet is a symbol of Iranian culture, art and authenticity, which is written on a rug and introduces our seven thousand years of history. You will not have a difficult path ahead of you to buy an Iranian handwoven carpet. After choosing your favorite design and style on the website of reputable stores such as Iran Carpet Gallery, you can buy hand-woven Iranian carpets in Shush online or in person with different services such as: converting photos into hand-woven carpets in Shush.

Selling Iranian hand-woven carpets in Shush

The sale of hand-woven Iranian carpets in Shush can be done with just one click. The hand-woven Iranian carpets available in the Iranian carpet gallery are of all designs and styles, as well as all climates. This hand-woven carpet store also provides the possibility of custom-made carpet weaving with the design of the great masters of this field. It is enough to visit the Iranian carpet gallery in Shush to place an order.